Picture of Paper Covered Phone (Chemical Suit)
How to make a cover for your phone out of paper.
Mine ended up looking like a Chemical Suit.

Before we start, Just thought I'd draw your attention to the "View all steps on one page" button. I'm not suggesting my instructable is best viewed like that, I'm just pointing out that the button exists. I took me about a week of reading instructables to notice it, now I click it every time I read somebodies instructable.

Possibly my favorite feature of Instructables.

Step 1: Gather Materials, Get Workspace

Picture of Gather Materials, Get Workspace
Phone (I used my Nokia 5140 with GPS Shell)
Paper (About half a sheet of printer paper)
Plastic Food Bag (optional)


Find somewhere to work.
(I used what little of my desk i could clear by pushing things out of the way.)
TJ_HACKZ5 years ago
my N99 . . . lololol ;)
paulgeering (author)  TJ_HACKZ5 years ago
NICE! Hope you had fun making it and then trying to explain it to your friends (-: PG
TJ_HACKZ5 years ago
i tried on my nokia 1650 and convert it to nokia N99 ;) see the pic......
akamelinda6 years ago
hmmmmm.... ok i'll try it!
adb1236 years ago
paulgeering (author) 7 years ago
bpmaxmaster7 years ago
I did it to my virgin mobile slice ghetto style and it looks pretty sweet... thanx for the idea.
chalky8 years ago
(Ghetto Points if you cut it out whilst the papers still on the phone, without even drawing guide lines.) haha more ghetto points if you shoot it out whilst not managing to "bust a cap in ones arse" LOL
I tried this...apparently it doesnt work with flip phones..
i think i could find a way to make it fit a flip phone
Let me know if you do.
or slide phones (chocolates, sidekicks, etc) might work with a blackberry or a Treo.
I know, everyone's jealous of our (U.S.A.) superior monetary system. jk
Can you put a paper cover on a flip phone?
paulgeering (author)  chatterbox147308 years ago
I don't know. The best way to find out would be to try it. After a few tries and a bit of creative thinking you might find a way to do it. Paul
Browncoat8 years ago
So simple, yet so brilliant! What a great way to Firefly-ize my phone!!
lexmsx8 years ago
Very nice paper mod british pal hehehe maybe my 1100 will have a paper cover too
The paper cover is so cool, a lot better than the duct tape cover
dhoncave8 years ago
here in the Philippines we have lots and lots of interchangeable celfone casings for different models. from crystal clears to different color designs,camouflage etc. we have casings too to make your older model phones to look like the latest models on sale,complete with functioning buttons.we have what we also call here Celdoms,just like where it got its name it protects the phone..whats cool is it's so cheap...you can buy some for less than a dollar.so the next time someone you knew will go to Philippines dont forget to ask them to buy some for you..and of course specify the cellfone model.
armoty18 years ago
My freak one nokia 3310 transformed to be N93 llooooolll awesome .
paulgeering (author)  armoty18 years ago
Sweet! Now you don't ever have to be bored with your phone's looks, just re-style, go crazy. For a while mine was "Blacked out" (covered in black wax crayon) He he. Paul G
aiden1200008 years ago
how do you get to the charger and pop port?
paulgeering (author)  aiden1200008 years ago
You Don't. He he, All these things require extra design. My initial design was just to see if it can be done. I'm sure with a bit of thought you'll think of something. Like maybe a whole in the bottom of the case? Paul
Lovely! love to do that with my phone except its a flippy clamshell one..i'll think of something some time
el_wombato8 years ago
Tyvek would be much sturdier, and still look mostly like paper.
Heliosphan8 years ago
Interesting idea. Cant imagine its too robust tho even with the food bag, without a sellotape cover it'll surely fall apart or begin to tear at the screen cutout, or get hooked on something. Sellotape gets packets thru royal mails crappy service, so is stronger. I too like the idea of 'view all steps on one page' but wished that it would default to it. P.S. I too am from good ole blighty and have several of those £s that you mention, what part of the isles are you in, I'm in't West Mids. I'm still thinking of something for my first instructable, since I'm learning to play pool semi-seriously I may do something on that.
paulgeering (author)  Heliosphan8 years ago
Southport, North West. So far its held up to 2 days of punnishment. The window is plenty strong enough, remember the tape that holds the food bag on to the paper (inside cover), well that reinforces things nicely. I did however put some extra tiny bits of tape on the front over the join between paper and plastic to prevent lift/peeling. That is the start of all tearing problems.
theRIAA8 years ago