Step 7: Final Step.

1. Check that your window placement is still OK.

2. Using the pen, draw things on the phone.
(I decided to draw the numbers in the right place and a circle where i forgot to make a window for the camera lens)

3. Call someone on your newly covered phone.

Other Things To Do.
-Get a hug from your sister (or other close friend/family)

-Try covering the phone in tape to make it super durable and splash proof. (see photo for proof of concept. That one took me seconds)

-Buy some "Nixie Tubes" complete with some ancient circuitry with a view to building a clock, then remember that you have no knowledge of electronics.

-Buy a digital camera. (Although technically both digital, and a camera, my web cam is more than just a bit pants.)

Hands : Me
Male : Me
Female : Sister
Memory Trigger : GLYPH BUILDER*
Place to Share : Instructables

*I had thought about wrapping my phone about a year ago, but it wasn't until i read glyph builder's instructable that I remembered and actually did it.
akamelinda6 years ago
hmmmmm.... ok i'll try it!
adb1236 years ago