Picture of Paper Crow Skeleton

Like the Internet, this skeleton is made up of a series of tubes. If you don't like rolling small paper tubes, this may not be a good fit for you. My approach has been a bit loose (measure no times, cut twice) so if you are creating this you will have to play around a little bit and find out what works for you.

The whole thing probably took ~40 hours, but some portion of it was trial and error so you could probably cut it by a decent amount. It was very inexpensive to make, and resulted in a reasonable approximation of what I was looking for.

I am no biologist, nor do I aspire to be. I set out to make something that is only recognizable as a bird's skeleton about the size of a crow. Some of the bones are more faithful reproductions than others, but none of them would be mistaken for the real thing. The crow also ended up with 4 or 5 extra vertebrae because that is how long I wanted the neck to be.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

To make this skeleton you will need some materials:

  • 2 sheets of letter sized paper
  • roll of masking tape
  • palette for your glue (made of something that won't absorb glue)
  • thin sturdy tool for applying glue precisely
  • hobby knife
  • decent scissors
  • white glue

In addition to the hard materials you will also require some reference materials, use the Google Machine, it should provide you with what you need.

seamster7 months ago

This is impressive! I like your approach about going slow and enjoying the process. I try to do that in my projects, too.

sinansoykut (author)  seamster7 months ago

It's like they always say 'slow and steady provides the most relaxing race' :)

Creativeman8 months ago

Beautiful work, love it! You're definitely one step ahead in the papercraft world!

Creative one !

Thanks for taking a look!

jknightgr10 months ago

it reminds me the dead birds in Grim Fandango. nice work.

sinansoykut (author)  jknightgr9 months ago

I did some googling for images but couldn't find any of the birds. I do like the art direction in grim fandango though.

mobiansstech9 months ago

Looks Like a Real Fossil..Brilliant

erosser11 months ago

Super-clever use of materials! My hat off to you and your admirable attention span. :)

sinansoykut (author)  erosser11 months ago

That paper was just dying to get rolled into tubes :)

jogene111 months ago
nice, this was the first thing I've checked out on hear. very creative. I have to try this
sinansoykut (author)  jogene111 months ago

I'm glad you liked it, please post yours on here with the 'I made it' button if you make one!

soul_eater11 months ago
Wow we amazing
sinansoykut (author)  soul_eater11 months ago

Thanks for looking!

bricobart11 months ago

Sometimes I'm out of adjectives. Let's keep it with a WHAAAWWW!!!

sinansoykut (author)  bricobart11 months ago

Adjectives are overrated :)

Pat_Maroney11 months ago

Very, Very cool! I'm going to have to make one or something similar!

sinansoykut (author)  Pat_Maroney11 months ago

You definitely should! A cute little animal like a kitten skeletonized would make a nice juxtaposition :)

I love it, it is awesome :). Thank you so much for sharing.

sinansoykut (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya11 months ago

Thanks for checking it out.

roballoba11 months ago

CAW!!! I can hear it yelling from the treetops already!

sinansoykut (author)  roballoba11 months ago

Hah, if that thing starts cawing, I will definetly put in in a bird cage (for science) :)

ChrysN11 months ago

Nicely done, that looks amazing!

sinansoykut (author)  ChrysN11 months ago

Thanks, it turned out pretty well. The skull is a bit faceted, but you can't have everything right? :)

kevenr1711 months ago

Awesome!!! Very cool!!

sinansoykut (author)  kevenr1711 months ago

Thanks for looking!

wilgubeast11 months ago

That looks wonderful. I love papercraft projects that are completely handmade. Thanks for sharing.

sinansoykut (author)  wilgubeast11 months ago

Thanks, I love making things by hand.

Kiteman11 months ago

That's an awesome Make, well done!

sinansoykut (author)  Kiteman11 months ago

Thanks for the note, I recognized your name from your party popper gun. I had no idea how prolific you were!

I've had some time...

Lectric Wizard11 months ago

This is great !! I'm afraid I don't have the patience to do something like that, but THANKS for sharing yours ... a kind of morbid beauty...

sinansoykut (author)  Lectric Wizard11 months ago

Thank you Wizard! I don't know about patience, I just tell Netflix to play me a season of TV while I roll tubes and glue. Now I'm on the 3rd season of Lost :)