Inspiered from the "menger sponge" I want to built one too. During this time I became a father and the built ends with a "level one menger sponge". But i don’t want throw it away. So I combine the cube with LED lights and built it as a night light.

Information about the "menger sponge" you can get on http://www.megamenger.com


visit cards or you cut out paper (templates see above)
5m LED light set (Set includes wiring and power supply)

craft knife

Approximate cost to build:
15€ (to buy the LED-Set)

Skill level:
For beginners
Because you don’t need electrical knowledge and everyone can cut and fold paper

Step 1: Preparation

You will need either old visit cards or some templates. (I made my own templates; card size: 55mm x 85mm)

Step 2: Visit Card

Cut out the visit card.

Fold it!

Step 3: The Cube

6 folded cards shape one cube.
There are so many tutorials “how to make business card cube” or “how to built a menger sponge".
If you search, you will find.

Step 4: Cut "x"

Use the craft knife to cut a “X” into the walls. Link two cubs together and then repeat this step until you get your first layer.

Step 5: LED Stripe

Then thread your LED stripe into the layer.

Step 6: Completion

Complete your “menger sponge level 1”

Step 7: A Stand

In my opinion, every lamp needs a stand. So I designed a stand and print it with my 3D printer.

Step 8: Test It!

Put everything together. Follow the wiring instruction given in the LED set.

Test it!

<p>That's a neat design! It looks really cool when it's lit up :)</p>

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