Picture of Paper Cup Anemometer
Cup anemometers are simple instruments used by meteorologists to measure wind speed.  This set of instructions will guide you through the process of making a very simple anemometer using some common household products.  

Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
5  3oz. paper cups
2  Straws
1  pencil with eraser
1  push pin
1  pair of scissors

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Paper Cup Making Machinery
Wow, it is nice scientific idea for identifying wind power in that area. Paper cup's uses are increased in art by the craft workers.
farmerboyk2 years ago
So is there any way to tell, without watching it, how many turns per minute it goes?
Like maybe a gear that had a notch with a button in a slot that when the wind blew it, the pencil made the gear move which was attached to another gear but when it hit the button it could be connected to like a computer or something and count exactly how many times the button was pressed? That seems a little advanced though :P
SnowWitch4 years ago
This is pretty neat. I never would have thought of this! Nice, coherent instructions too, much better than some other 'ibles.