Introduction: Paper Cup Rose Light

This is another lamp/lantern I made out of paper cups. This project is somewhat challenging in that it takes a while to complete a rose and there are 12 to make in order to complete it. You may find it at the beginning somewhat difficult to curl the waxy paper. However, it is really just a matter of practice.. after one or 2 roses, you will find that your working speed is significantly improved.

To make this lamp, you will need the following materials.

Paper cups x 24

Craft knife

Craft glue

Hot glue

Tape measure


Cylindrical pin


String LED light set

Simply follow the instructions in the video tutorial. Good luck with making it!


Mandel (author)2017-04-13

Video tutorial?! I dont see a video or a link

Mandel (author)Mandel2017-04-13

? Never mind, blonde moment...

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