Picture of Paper Dart
The paper dart is a fast, small, cheap flier. It is made from a quarter of a sheet of paper. It is very simple to make. This is my first instructable so I can't guarantee it to be perfect. I plan to make more instructables in the future ranging from feed the beast tutorials to pyrotechnics(hopefully).
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Basic Quarter sheet of paper. Simple right?

Step 2: First Fold

Picture of First Fold
Take the upper-right corner and fold it until it makes a 45 degree angle. It is important for this and all other folds are crisp. It may be hard sometimes but keep going strong

Step 3: Next Fold

Picture of Next Fold
Rotate 90 degrees to the left and then fold the short top side down.

Step 4: The Tricky Part

Picture of The Tricky Part
This is the most important part so do it carefully. You need to make this the crispest as possible. You fold down the right side and match it up to the inner diagonal fold. Again make it crisp. The top point is the point of the dart.

Step 5: Wrap

Picture of Wrap
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13, 9:43 AM.jpg
13, 9:43 AM.jpg
Wrap the long part around the part with the fold. Another way of putting it is fold the part with the point over and over until you have the little part sticking off the side. Fold that in now.

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish
Fold the dart in half as perfectly as you can with the small price sticking off the side inside the dart.

Step 7: Throw!!!

Picture of Throw!!!
Grasp the dart firmly halfway up. Throw as hard as you can. This dart does hurt so make sure your target is aware!