Paper Dart





Introduction: Paper Dart

Another Way To Hurt your freinds or Co-Workers.

-Ich bin ein pyro took this image and he deserves full credit. Thanks to Ich bin ein pyro!!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is some paper, sissors, and a elastic band.

Step 2: Makeing Vs

Just Follow the Pictures.

Step 3: Holding the Elastic Band

Basicly you just hold the elastic band betwwen you thumb and you index finger.

Step 4: Fireing the V-Dart

While holding the elastic band inbeetween your fingers put the V-Dart over the elastic band so the pointy end is faceing your target and your holding onto the 2 small back end peices of the dart with your other hand.The video shows a v-dart being shot from very close!



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Lol, I remember doing this back in HS. Some liked to add staples for skin penetration. We lost a lot of good men.

Dude, how do you even add staples to it for skin penetration???

this has already been made!!!!!!!!!!! copier

Hey me and my friend got bored in class and found some paper clips (on the teachers desk) and bent each paper clip (large size) into 3 hornets. They hurt like heck!!!! PS Just make sure you don't hit your hand when you launch one. It hurts really bad!!!!!

PS again we call them wasps or hornets. Do they they really hurt that bad?

GOD!! Basically everyone in my grade is either the victim of those little devils or a marksmen with those. That's why i am making a high power pen gun. so if somebody shoots one of those at me they'll have another thing coming. PS i am twelve.

V-darts, hornets, wasps, 'flingy thingys'... those are the old names of these things. V-darts remind me of the V-1 and V-2, so would this be called the VP in my school? Seriously, this has never been heard of at my school, as in never. Except for one or two of my colleagues...

I'm  13 too- I call them Hornets, or Flying V's. Just don't get caught by the Principal/ Vice.

In Grade 5 we would murder each other with this flying death. We called 'em darts.

im also 13 and we have them at school stashed in our books everywhere to pelt subtitutes when they can't see us shooting tem