I made an animated gif! It is the 6th image. 
I made a mini version of this as a test to see if the design that I reversed engineered worked(Look here for the full story: http://www.instructables.com/id/Diamond-Puzzle-Sketchbook/) and it did, but for the mini version I used cardboard for the bottom and that caused it to be hard to move the segments all at once, I fixed this problem by having the top and bottom made of card stock. I am able to move it very smoothly, I might make a video in the future, or if someone asks.
And to explain for how it works go to the last image, that explains most of it. I dont know if the creator's book's design is like that but it works for me, and it is a very cool notebook design.

Unfortuantly I wont be able to make a step by step instructable for this exact one because I only took pictures of the first half and I was too busy making the rest that I forgot about taking pictures. I am going to make another one out of wood, and you could use that same instructable for a paper one, you would just have to modify the hinge a little bit.
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dombeef (author) 4 years ago
I got the creator's permission to post this, along with the wooden intructable that is coming up

I think I get the movement of the paper, but I still am confused on how the pin works. How does it unlock without it moving on the outside? (shown in the gif)

I would raelly like to know how this works.

dombeef (author)  Here2annoyU1 year ago

and wow, it really was 2 years ago, I am surprised that it was that long ago, it feels like less than a year ago that I made this

dombeef (author)  Here2annoyU1 year ago

Eesh, sorry about the delay, ive been extremely busy with school work(who would know IB and AP classes would be so much work!) and basically I have a wire inside one of the little paper triangle pieces(the one on the top) that acts to stop the top of the pin(the pin has a notch in the top of it) until it reaches a certain point(in my 6 point diagram I am refering to the bottom right point) and then the pin is now able to be lifted up due to it not being caught by the metal wire(It is possible to just have the top triangle piece catch the pin, but I didnt want to risk the paper not being secure enough to hold onto the pin and not bend and rip)

This is on my list of things to do over the summer because I will have more free time(until next school year :/ ) and when I make this the right way out of wood(preferably stained if I have the time) ill make a more proper instructable

Hello, I've looked at this for quite a while and your comments are on how you will make a video soon. But that comment was there 2 years ago. I would love to know when you will actually make a video. I would really like to learn this.

Great handicraft idea! I am sure with a few colours and patterns, this paper diamond puzzle sketchbook will look even more outstanding. It is a great DIY project that saves the earth (if you use recycled products) and allows you to customize your own book. A perfect gift for any occasion and something that is meaningful too (when you add your own colours and designs). It also looks like really simple to create, thus it is suitable for people of all ages.
bmaxwell22 years ago
This is so cool! I would love to make it for a woodworking class I am taking. How is the wood version instructable coming? If you could pm me that would be super awesome.
dombeef (author)  bmaxwell22 years ago
Sorry, my school work has taken up basically all of my time, I am hopeing for maybe during winter break to make an instructable for this, I havent even gotten the wooden parts yet.
(Just PM'ed you this)
eternalwind3 years ago
how do you make this thing!
i searched for hours
dombeef (author)  eternalwind3 years ago
I didnt make an instructable yet
There is no how to because I reverse engineered it from an image I found online.
sonicsizer4 years ago
do you have to automatically move the traingles with your hands?
dombeef (author)  sonicsizer4 years ago
Yeah, I am making a video for the next version and that will show you how it works.
iamcrafty4 years ago
after a while of thinking, i STILL don't understand how the lock mechanism and pin work! can u show a video of the cover actually opening or u solving it plz?
dombeef (author)  iamcrafty4 years ago
Did you look at the animated gif?

I might be able to get a video of it, but I am making a wooden version of this that one will have a video.
chad38144 years ago
On Kagen Schaefer's page the coloring beneath the diamond is different when it is locked as when it is unlocked. I suspect that the back slides locks the pin, is that so on your's?
dombeef (author)  chad38144 years ago
Sorry about the long wait, and for this version, no, it doesnt have the ability yet, but I am making a wooden version that will have the colored piece so it shows when it is locked
And if you look at the diagram that shows how it works, the top piece has the lock so when the pin is in it it can be locked and unlocked.
Mrballeng4 years ago
This would make for a cool locket.
dombeef (author)  Mrballeng4 years ago
Ooh, nice idea! I was playing around with a 2 inch version of this and I will see if I can make it smaller!
action pig4 years ago
Can't wait to see the wooden version!
brooke10094 years ago
what is the frame made out of? and what are the triangles made out of you said card board and cardstock but which is which haha. much appreciated. And is the blue...tape?
dombeef (author)  brooke10094 years ago
This is a "half" prototype. The frame is made of a top layer of card stock, a sandwich middle layer of card stock, cardboard, and card stock, and a bottom layer of card stock for the top part.

The triangles are made of 3 layers of card stock.

And cardboard and card stock are 2 different things. Cardboard is what I am referring to corrugated cardboard. it is way thicker and not as strong at some points. Cardstock is an evenly thick paper that isn't corrugated.

And, yes, it is blue tape because that is what I had at hand and so far it works great. and like I said, this is a prototype.

When I said cardstock for the parts, what I have is a very thick cardstock that I dont know if you can find it at a store or online, but many pieces of regular cardstock put together can be a substitute for what I have.
well I want to make one with the cardstock or whatever for my sisters birthday as a sketch book or so. But I have to figure this out how to make it.
dombeef (author)  brooke10094 years ago
I am making an instructable on how to make this, but it will take a while and it will be made out of wood, but it will be able to be made like this one. When is her birthday? I might finish the instructable in a few months, I am very busy lately
our birthday is on october 9th. Yeah these things do take a while to do and I get it becaue I am busy too and some days you just dont want to do anything haha. its like you need motivation :D
dombeef (author)  brooke10094 years ago
Oh, I was going to make it in a few months, sorry.

I do have the files on thingiverse, but they arent printable on a regular printer, it is a bit too big.
okay...I will just figure it out. XD
dombeef (author)  brooke10094 years ago
Good luck!
kelseymh4 years ago
This is extremely cool! The fact that you reverse engineered it is awesome, and getting the inventor's permission to show it off even more so (you might add a comment to that effect above).

P.S. Congratulations on making the MAKE Blog! I stopped looking at the photo-only I'bles a while back (there was way too much spam and unnecessary single-pic uploads), so I wouldn't have seen this otherwise.
dombeef (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
Thank you!

And also, I was in the newsletter, I thought only featured instructablea got in it, and there is no featured tag on this instructable?
ynze4 years ago
You could post a video on opening and closing the sketchbook...

Your illu on the locking mechanism is clear enough for me. btw.


dombeef (author)  ynze4 years ago
I was going to make an animated gif, but it is taking a while, some how the only mac applications either dont work or keep the image in the 1500*4000 or what ever it is size. And the online ones dont work because I am useing over 10 images.

Any help?
ynze dombeef4 years ago
What mac-app(s) are you using? It shouldn't be a problem in Fireworks, when you import the .ai files as seperate layers...
dombeef (author)  ynze4 years ago
I mean that I have real pictures that I want to make a gif of, I haven't thought of fireworks though, I will try that out!
ynze dombeef4 years ago
I think shooting a video of it is the easiest way to go...
dombeef (author)  ynze4 years ago
Well I got the animated gif working, it is the 6th image, how does it look?
I kinda want to set that as my desktop background now...
dombeef (author)  jnesselr4 years ago
Go ahead! I also have a higher quality gif if you want it!
ynze dombeef4 years ago
Pretty good!
dombeef (author)  ynze4 years ago
BrittLiv4 years ago
The animation is great! Really good job!
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