Picture of Paper Dino Party Hats
Dinosaur Theme Party Hats ( I made these at Techshop, SF)

No kid birthday celebration is complete without hats!
We think it just makes that day even more special, so this is where we are going to start in the prep for a 4 year old's birthday party decor D.I.Y. project.

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Step 1: Layout your materials

Picture of Layout your materials
If you are a person who keeps all their kid's drawings, magazines and Sunday Papers. This is an easy step for you. 
If you are not, you can go shop at your favorite paper shop and collect some materials for your party hats.

Material collected for 20 Party Hats:

1. Twenty 14" square newsprint paper
2. Twenty 11"x17" craft paper in different colors (Also acquired from SCRAP)
3. Twenty colorful pompoms from reclaimed store (We go to SCRAP in SF)

Step 2: Print & Cut | Laser Cut

Picture of Print & Cut | Laser Cut
Use attached pdfs. for printing on your choice of paper and then cut. (11"x17")
Download Ill. file for Laser cut them on 2d laser printers with paper of your choice.

Step 3: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Last step (fun step)
is folding these into paper cones for hat assembly.
Glue your pompoms at top & tie your strings.

Step 4: Celebrate!!!

Picture of Celebrate!!!
Tie those strings and add the pompoms.
Your Party Hats are ready!