Paper Dress Costume





Introduction: Paper Dress Costume

This was the chic paper dress my fifth-grader wore for Halloween this year.

It was made of magazines paper taped over plastic bags (grocery plastic bag for the top and black garbage bag for the skirt). I used adhesive Velcro to close the top and the skirt in the back.
My daughter absolutely loved the headpiece with the little roses and I wished I had the time to add some on the dress as well.

The costume was really much fun to make but folding the magazines pages was a bit time consuming. My daughter did give me a hand, while my younger ones... folded and flew paper airplanes! Yes, everyone did have fun!

It is worth mentioning that with the dress on, my daughter couldn’t really sit down or put her shoes on by herself… Oh well, it’s never too early to learn that one must suffer to be beautiful.


  • sebibin made it!


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It's simple! :-)

That's adorable :) I love the headpiece best :D