Step 2: Getting the Drums Prepared...

1. Get a piece of paper and trace 4 circles with the marker
2. With 2 pieces of paper trace the first circle 12 times... cut them out and place them on first circle
3. Trace second circle 8 times...cut them out and place them on second circle
4. Trace third circle 4 times....cut them out and place them on third circle
5. leave fourth circle blank
6. tape the pieces of paper to their circle
i like it. i made a smaller version with just 1 sheet of paper.
As for an instructable, I had to re-read it a 2nd time to understand what was going on. I love that it is simple and cheap, which provides the high value/cost factor. Since budget is paramount here, I suggest make a 5th circle and just tape a lid from a can of tuna or cat food under that paper. Where would Neil Peart be without high hats or crash cymbal?
i appreciate your advice, and i am sorry for your having to re-read a second time, this is my 1st time posting an instructable.

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