Picture of Paper Drum Set
This is a Paper Drum Set that really works! I was bored at school one day so i made this drum thing. It actually made my science teacher happy because she said i was using Physics to make a drum set. I found this drum set amazing and handy for those boring days. I hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: What you'll need...

1. minimum of 4 pages of paper
2. permanent marker
3. tape
4. staplers with staples
5. Scissors

Step 2: Getting the drums prepared...

Picture of Getting the drums prepared...
1. Get a piece of paper and trace 4 circles with the marker
2. With 2 pieces of paper trace the first circle 12 times... cut them out and place them on first circle
3. Trace second circle 8 times...cut them out and place them on second circle
4. Trace third circle 4 times....cut them out and place them on third circle
5. leave fourth circle blank
6. tape the pieces of paper to their circle

Step 3: Finishing the drums

Picture of Finishing the drums
1. take the last piece of paper and place it on top of the paper with the drums (this will hide the mechanics of this drum)
2. with the stapler staple the two pages together (make sure you don'y staples on top of the drums!)
3. with the marker trace the four circles you made on the previous paper.
4. Now you got your very own drums set! you can hit the circles with a pencil and get different sounds!