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Introduction: Paper Earrings

About: I am studying in mechanical engineering in India

these earrings looking really nice and only 15-20min required to make these type of earrings.

We required follow

1.quelling paper

2.pen,pencil (to make the roll of paper for shape)

3.quelling stick



6.hook for holding paper earring (you also used waste earrings hook)

Step 1: Cutting

cut the quelling paper in half (all paper that you can used I used only 2colors so I cut both color paper in half)

Step 2: Rolling

then roll the quelling paper by help of pen or quelling stick (you can used different size of pen or different round of any object for roll shape)

Step 3: Press

one color of the large one, press one side that show in pic

Step 4: Sticking

then stick that like show in picc

Step 5: Hooking

then hook are inserte in the upper hole of earrings

Your earrings are ready to use



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    1 Questions

    They are beautiful! What would you suggest for sealing the paper so that it could withstand, say, being out in the rain unexpectedly?

    Price of that quilling paper isso chip so it's ok you make more .