This is a very easy technique that everybody can use at home with very simple tools, you can use it for your greeting cards!

Step 1: Tools

You need:
  • Exacto knife;
  • Stylus with round point or anything with a round point (actually my knife becomes a stylus chaging its point);
  • Cutting mat (optional, you can use an old newspaper);
  • Light table (optional, you can use a window).
Super easy to find tools!
<p>Do you always need a cut<br>out stencil of the text/image ? or could you use a print on a thin sheet of<br>paper, lay it on top of the paper you want to emboss and then trace the lines?<br>Or better even, hold the paper you want to emboss against a window and trace<br>the lines of the image printed on the front of that page? I'm not sure if I'm<br>expressing myself properly, but what I want to do is to emboss the decorative<br>curl that is printed on my wedding invitations.</p>
<p>excellent! Gives me lots of ideas. I think if you were using good enough paper for the card, you could dampen it slightly ... I wonder if that would help?</p>
<p>You are very generous with your education and creativity, thank you!! nat</p>
<p>It was a really nice tutorial. What other alternative do I have for the stylus? Will a ear-cleaner with a soft cotton plugged on its tip work for this?</p><p>Any other precautions?</p>
nicely done
Cool, my utility knife has one of those stylus thingies now I know what to do with it!
The end result looks great, and so easy to do. I wonder, would it work do to more &quot;layers?&quot; I don't know whether I can express what I mean properly, but imagine embossing a large square, then empossing some text inside the square.
Thank you! I thought about that and I wanted to try but have not had the time to do it yet. I was actually thinking of making also the letters in two layers somehow. I will try and let you know!

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