Introduction: Paper Fighter/Stunt Plane

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Well, it's not the best plane, but it will fly, and it looks cool... Almost your standard plane, the weirdest thing may be that its folded the "fat" way, not the "skinny" way. Sorry if the picture quality is a bit lacking, but it was made completely by scanner. It may not be that good, but please try not to be too harsh, it's my first Instructable...

Step 1: Step 1

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Fold the paper WIDE ways, not the thin way as with most paper airplanes. Then un fold. [Use pictures]

Step 2: Step 2

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Now fold in the two corners, but you don't want them to touch! Leave about two inches of space between them.

Step 3: Step E

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Now fold down the top part so there's about 3 inches from the top to the bottom of the strip.

Step 4: Step Four and Four.7

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This time fold the corners in to the middle guide line from step one. You DO want them to touch this time. Then fold the whole thing in half (Picture Two). And the fold the wings down on both sides of the final triangle-

Step 5: Final Product

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Now you have your plane, you can add stabilizers, spinny things, whatever, just don't throw it in your little sister's eye. Thanks for reading this!


madden mobile (author)2015-11-24

CHANGE It say throw it in ur sisters eye

ubloke (author)2009-07-02


zascecs (author)2009-05-08

Cool. Paper airplanes are the BOl\/lB!

zascecs (author)zascecs2009-05-08

(its bomb, i just like to write it that way=)

Wasagi (author)zascecs2009-05-25

Haha Sweet

amtdude (author)2008-09-03


paperairplane inventer (author)2008-05-03

i love the plane

Joeyboy 99 (author)2007-11-19

woooooooooow second coment. in step 5 it made me make my lil sis stand there whilst i threw it at her face lol :-)

sgt.paper (author)2007-10-25


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