Step 2: Get to cutting and threading!

Picture of Get to cutting and threading!
Find and cut out the letters you will need to make your banner. Cut these out in the shape of a triangle. (If you'd like a more folksy look I'd suggest pinkering/ zig zag cutting the triangle rather than straight cuts but since my 6 year old was helping with the cutting I wanted to keep it simple.

Mine was "F I N I S H".

After you have all your letters cut out you will need to thread your sting through the tops of each (as seen in photo). Be very careful while pulling the string through the letters. The thicker the string the slower this process will be.

YOU MUST tie a knot in the string before and after each letter. This ensures that your letters will stay put when the wind blows.

Take your candle stick holders or other tall objects and tie off your stings to the tops. I had to put twigs inside my candle holders to make it higher or it would have sat really close to the water and what fun would that have been? lol. A soggy finish flag is a sad finish flag!

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