Paper Flower Container




Introduction: Paper Flower Container

Thinking in the future for my friend, who has a hot date in his opinion, wants to give her some cool flowers. But in a cool container rather than the clear, plain one you see daily. Perfect for small/short flowers, this 99% origami and paper flower container will impress your date with you skills not only with your smart brain but your hands. With a bonus, this container can be decorated to match your style (plus two bonus mini-containers)!

Step 1: The Material

You are required to have:

- 5 to 10 minutes of time

- Clear tape

- One piece of paper (rectangular is required, notebook/graph paper is best)

- Scissors


- Flowers to put in

Step 2: Folding Into Hamburgers and More

Fold the paper into fourths hamburger style. Then follow up by doing a squash fold on both sides as shown in the pictures. Finally, take all four flaps and fold upwards to the middle. The piece of paper should be a thin, diamond like shape.

Step 3: Finishing the Container

Now take the left flap on one side and fold it on top of the right one. Repeat on the other side with the respective flaps. Now you can open it up and if needed, tape the flaps together to hold the container together and for neatness. Have fun with your new container (and date if so)!



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