This flower lamp take the form of flower petals. It is quite easy to make;

however, the arrangement of petals into the right position may take a

bit of patience. For best presentation, place it higher than the eye level,

so the glow from the lampshade can be clearly visualised.

Things you need:

A4 card/watercolor papers (180 - 225 gsm recommended) x 7

Craft knife


Superglue gel


Glue and its tube (for rolling)


Double-sided tape


Template 1 (Wide cover x 4): http://goo.gl/pb3DYy

Template 2 (Medium cover x 4): http://goo.gl/ujpLgw

Template 3 (Long cover x 4): http://goo.gl/trHFTU

Template 4 (Top support x 1): http://goo.gl/lKCvzi

<p>Thank you so much for this. I'm a buddhist, we celebrate the wesak festival, and I use this for my outdoor lamp deco. All were saying perfect,,, Thank youuuuuu!!!!!</p>
<p>template 2 and 3 cannot download its shows </p><p>404: Page not found &ndash; the page<br><strong>https://goo.gl/ujpLgwTemplate</strong><br>does not exist.please assist</p>
<p>Sorry about that. The links have been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.</p>

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