Introduction: Paper Football Field Goal Kicker

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I got tired of missing and missing field goals in paper football, so I built this. This kicks the field goals for you, and it is 90% accurate. I made it out of PVC pipes and rubberbands. Feel free to comment.

Step 1: Materials

To build the Paper Football Field Goal Kicker, you'll need:
7-3" long 1/2 inch wide pvc pipes
2-6 1/2" long 1/2 inch wide pvc pipes
1-1" long 1inch wide pvc pipe
1-6" long 1/2 inch wide pvc pipe
7-1/2 inch wide elbows
2-1/2 inch wide t-joints
2 rubberbands
paper football

Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base

Use 6 3" long pvc pipes, 4 elbows, and 2 t-joints to build the base. After you assemble it, cut a small cut in one of the end 3". This will hold your football.

Step 3: The Kicker

Picture of The Kicker

Use the two 6 1/2" long pvc pipes, 3 elbows, one 1" long and wide pvc pipe, one 6" long, super glue, and 2 rubberband to assemble this step.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Picture of Put It All Together

Put the kicker and the base together.


crchapman (author)2009-10-29

Awesome project!! I built it for a Harvest fest game this year. The only thing I changed was using a T joint at the top instead of a coupling.  That way you dont have to worry about the super glue giving out.

bylerfamily (author)2009-04-14

Cool!Could this be used to kick a nerf football?

schoonovermr (author)bylerfamily2009-04-14

Possibly, if you make it way bigger and replace the rubberbands with bungee cords. That might be my next idea, thanks!

bylerfamily (author)schoonovermr2009-04-14

Hm.Maybe you could use exercise tubing instead of the rubber bands.

schoonovermr (author)bylerfamily2009-04-14

That would be awsome!

bylerfamily (author)schoonovermr2009-04-14

Yeah,it would.

lemonie (author)2009-04-10

Could you expand upon "90% accurate" - I don't know what you mean by it. L

schoonovermr (author)lemonie2009-04-11

It doesn't make it every single time, but it makes it a lot.

lemonie (author)schoonovermr2009-04-11

Is that down to wobble / slop in the kicker or other variables (e.g. the paper football)? But you'd say 9 out of 10 times it's on target? L

schoonovermr (author)lemonie2009-04-12

Yes, nine out of ten times.

wilcurt (author)2009-04-11

Nice! Bu have you need to enter it into the rubber band powered contest.

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