I got tired of missing and missing field goals in paper football, so I built this. This kicks the field goals for you, and it is 90% accurate. I made it out of PVC pipes and rubberbands. Feel free to comment.

Step 1: Materials

To build the Paper Football Field Goal Kicker, you'll need:
7-3" long 1/2 inch wide pvc pipes
2-6 1/2" long 1/2 inch wide pvc pipes
1-1" long 1inch wide pvc pipe
1-6" long 1/2 inch wide pvc pipe
7-1/2 inch wide elbows
2-1/2 inch wide t-joints
2 rubberbands
paper football

Step 2: The Base

Use 6 3" long pvc pipes, 4 elbows, and 2 t-joints to build the base. After you assemble it, cut a small cut in one of the end 3". This will hold your football.

Step 3: The Kicker

Use the two 6 1/2" long pvc pipes, 3 elbows, one 1" long and wide pvc pipe, one 6" long, super glue, and 2 rubberband to assemble this step.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Put the kicker and the base together.
Awesome project!! I built it for a Harvest fest game this year. The only thing I changed was using a T joint at the top instead of a coupling.  That way you dont have to worry about the super glue giving out.
Cool!Could this be used to kick a nerf football?
Possibly, if you make it way bigger and replace the rubberbands with bungee cords. That might be my next idea, thanks!
Hm.Maybe you could use exercise tubing instead of the rubber bands.
That would be awsome!
Yeah,it would.
Could you expand upon "90% accurate" - I don't know what you mean by it. L
It doesn't make it every single time, but it makes it a lot.
Is that down to wobble / slop in the kicker or other variables (e.g. the paper football)? But you'd say 9 out of 10 times it's on target? L
Yes, nine out of ten times.
Nice! Bu have you need to enter it into the rubber band powered contest.

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