This is an instructable for anyone who has nothing to do. Well now they will because they will learn how to make paper footballs. You can play it by yourself or see if you can flick it farther than your friend.
So enjoy!

Step 1: Getting Started

Start with a standard piece of paper (first picture), cut it in half (second picture), and take one of the halves (third picture).
I never knew how to make them. thanks!
i don't need math here!!! specialy when it's my p.d. day!!! >:O
sweet, I've always wanted to learn to make one of these!
cool stuff.maybe I can find some leather and make one out of it.tie it with strings,and ta-dah!!!A real football!!!! but any ways of making the middle of the ball more puffy/bulged?
You just don't cut the paper in half and instead fold the paper twice
Pretty neat instructable. I was never good at making these haha.

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