Very useful for giving people fortunes (duh...)

Step 1: Fold 1

Do a corner fold like in the 2nd pic. Then cut the excess rectangle and unfold triangle. It doesn't have to be accurate. You should be left with pic 3. Then fold again the other way to make a 'X' Crease (pic 4).

Step 2: Fold 2

Fold all 4 corners to the centre. Flip the paper and repeat.

Step 3: Fold 3

Flip back to the top and fold in half one way, then unfold, then fold the other way.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Hold like in picture and write on it!
i like this site
In my sixth grade class we call these space monsters.
alright alex d im impressed hey by the way do you like cheese pizza or chicken?
I have seen these SO many times, but never actually made them... haha. Nice job!

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