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Introduction: Paper G36c

Hey guys this was just a quick g36c i made while watching a movie last night. It's a blow gun and the mag is fake. If you want to know how to make it the insides are just tubes of paper. Tell me what y'all think of it. I entered this in paper crafts contest so vote for me



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    No offense,but no instructions?!? Did you even make it?!?Not to be mean but I'm not voting.It's pretty cool though,so I'll think 'bout it."It'll be funny if I just didn't see the "next" button but I'm pretty sure there ain't instructions

    i didnt think instructions were necessary cause as stated in the description the insides are just paper tubes and the outside is just paper

    but if you want me to i can make instructions by all means

    hey man love how it looks but its in the wrong category.

    I dont think it should be in the toy section because he made it out of paper and the contest is about paper

    No offense man but this is in the wrong category. It looks good though but maybe put it in the toy section.

    Lol ya i know i just did a quick post and wasnt really worried about category or anything like that

    Isn't it already kinda in the toys section, though? ;)

    Back on topic:
    It looks pretty good! But I agree with Lucas, though. It is in the wrong section. Might fit better in the toy section, or the "paper" section of the Living category.


    No instructions no vote.