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These are standard gift bows that you can buy at the dollar store, but I find that being able to make them myself has a lot of benefits! With some glue, paper, and scissors, you can make beautiful paper bows with any pattern you want (even mix and match!), instead of being stuck with the bows you can buy in store. This is a great way to really go for the "homemade" feel when you're wrapping gifts!

Step 1: You Will Need

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The parts are simple! All you need is pretty paper, scissors and a ruler (paper cutters are faster if you have one), and something to hold the paper together, such as tape, glue, or even staples.

Step 2: Cut the Strips

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This is the most time consuming part of the whole process, but even this step is quite easy. Measure and cut 11 strips of paper of the same width (I recommend no thinner than 1.5cm) of the the following lengths:

3 * 30cm

3 * 27cm

3 * 24cm

1 * 12cm

1 * 9cm

Of course, once you get the hang of this, you can start adjusting these lengths to get the size of bow you want.

Step 3: Crease Strips

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For each of the 11 strips of paper, very gently fold them in half and crease in the middle. Unfold.

Step 4: Figure Eigths

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Holding a strip of paper in the center, take one end and loop it to make the first loop in the "8" shape. Glue it down. Then repeat with a loop in the opposite direction to complete the "8".

Do this for the 9 longer strips of paper - but remember to keep track of their sizes, it's sometimes difficult to tell once the paper is folder into the figure eights.

Step 5: Rosettes

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Taking 3 of the same size figure eights, glue the centers on top of each other as shown to make a rosette. You should have 3 of these, each slightly larger or smaller than the next.

Step 6: Combine Rosettes

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Taking the 3 rosettes, place and glue the smaller ones in side the larger ones, but slightly offset to get the nice bow effect. You are almost done!

Step 7: Making Loops

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Remember the two smaller strips of paper? Fold these ones into loops, then glue the smaller 9cm strips of paper inside the 12cm one perpendicularly.

Step 8: Complete!

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Now take that the two strip paper and use it to fill in that hole in the center of the bow - again, fix it in place with some glue. Voila - you now have a cute paper bow that you can use to decorate gifts, or your home!


K_VDE made it! (author)2018-01-07

this made great newspaper gift wraps. thanks.

K_VDE (author)K_VDE2018-01-07

another picture

K_VDE (author)K_VDE2018-01-07

another picture

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