Picture of Paper Garland party decoration
Everyone likes nice holiday party decorations. Even more when they're cheap/free.

Okay, so i'm making a new years eve party. Dont wanna spend too much money on decorations, but still need that party feeling!
I have learned this from my GF a few days back.
Its easy, you only need a few things, its cheap, and looks really great!

In my country (Serbia) this is called by its German name - Girlande, but i had found on the internet that the english name comes from France and is festoon. Also got a few comments that it's called Girland in english, so

This is my first instructable in over two years of only reading. So please comment if something is wrong, i'll edit. Pictures were taken from iphone, but are still much more clear in original, i don't know why is instructables uploader destroying the quality :P

Okay, so lets begin!
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Step 1: What you will need.

Picture of What you will need.
Sry about the angle of the picture, had some reflection problems.

Okay, so this is all thare is to it:

Duct tape,

About the paper. I went to nearby office superstore, thay had this one, but you can find gift paper anywhere in any bookstore, ant its chear, this one costed me about 40 cents.
In original, it was 2m long and 40cm wide.

Any paper will do, even plain white paper.

Step 2: Cut the paper!

Picture of Cut the paper!
First, we need to cut the paper, an easy job, just pick the width you want for the girlande, and CUT!

Than, you'll have to cut the second one, and you do that by meashuring the paper to the cutoff from the first one. Easy. It doesn't have to be precise at all!
aeray4 years ago
It is also, more commonly, called a "garland" in English. I'd change your title. Congrats on your first Instructable!
marko man (author)  aeray4 years ago
tnx m8, changed it :)