Whats Up Instructablers I'm Here Again
For Showing You How To Make A Paper Glider, Maybe Some Of You Have Seen this Awesome Glider Flying in the Skies
I hope You Like This Prototype , Why Prototype? Because This Plane Can Be Modified For Longer Flight Times , Higher Altitude , Some Loops , To return To it,s Origin Point ,Etc.
That Would Be Your Desicion

So Feel Free To comment

Let's Start

Step 1: Look for Your Raw Material

Well, Since This Instructable It's Pretty homemade Your Materials Are Really Easy To Found

1-A Common A4 (letter Size ) Sheet Of Paper , No Matter The Color Or The Design


1-A Ruler
2-A Pen

1Some Markers
2 Stickers
3Anything To make Your Glider Look Cooler

LET'S Start
yo creia que la cola se doblaba ala mitad de lo largo<br>
I love it when I find a good perfectionist like myself.
I've been making variations of this one fore years. One has a tail, but it is cut from the bottom strip of Step 3 (fold to make the square, the cut of the bottom part).
hey! thanks for the instructable, i've been wanting to build this&nbsp;plane and you just made it easier, some of the folding was confusing, but thank you!
wow this is so easy...well to&nbsp; me anyway iv been doing oragami for 5 years
COPIED FROM HERE - <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.zurqui.com/crinfocus/paper/airplane.html">http://www.zurqui.com/crinfocus/paper/airplane.html</a><br/>
Man, did you flag me?
yes it's homemade, but a paper airplane isn't really a gift and it annoys the shit out of me when people copy things. no i didn't flag you
but i did
but it´s pretty homemade isn`t it
need to explain how far to cut into tail
pics are blurry and not enough detail, but haven't lost me.......yet
its really not that hard ppl
Nice! :) I was looking for this Instructable :D
i was all exited at first, but any plane hat takes twelve steps to complete isn't worth my school time, maybe at home though
This plane even works without the tail.
yeah i can make this of by heart for better instructions type in worlds best paper plane in google
this is called the swallow but you have to change the tail just a bit when youve got the strip dont cut it like in his design but: 1.fold in half 2. cut a piece of 3 you got a v shape 4.insert in plane
This step confuses me... Should I use a sheet of 8.5x11 carbonfiber? or do I use plaster... -.- Lol, your plane looks sweet though, I have passed my first step :-p Nice instructable, I'll comment when I get to the end :D I'm looking forward to it!
Yes You Can , As long As you Have the resourcess needed to bend it . ;) Thanks ,
I beileive that this is the plane that set the world record of a flight that lasted 26 seconds, so far this is the best paper airplane in the world
This IS the best paper airplanethe recored is a minute and ten seconds
Yes , the web page said that , and i aprove it , the last time i've thrown it from a 5 floor building , it flown about 45 secs that to the wind ,
i beilive that the record wasn't flown in wind or from a 5 floor building
Me Too , But You Get the idea . . Btw:The Real Record is In the roof of the house
To make this is record-breaking on its own... :-p It's very nice, you just need to improve a little bit your instructions, eg. in Step 4, where is point D? Also you could have a few more pictures, not so much close up....
I might try making this later. Hey, next time you do an instructable Can You Please Not Write Like This, Where You Capitalise The First Letter Of Every Word? It's Very Annoying... Thanks :)
Kind Of <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ridiculously-Clever-Dock/">Done</a><br/>
i dont get it where did you get the paper strip for the tail??!!
okay, i'm completely lost after the third picture. it looks like you skipped a step, can you post better pictures and possibly more detailed written instructions. how am i returning the tab to it's original place?
i found this designe on the web awile a go and its one of the best, thanks for posting this - i forgot how to make it.
Maybe you have seen my instructable <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EAHV672BPTEV2Z4R4P/">Avro Arrow</a><br/>
Cool Plane , Keep It Like That
Why are you capitalizing the first letter of every word? This isn't the title of a book.
Excuse Me , It's An Habit Of My School's Computer Class , See It I i'm Doing It Again , GOD

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