Some of my paper guns.
1)Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
-Supposed to shoot but I guess not
-Real Bolt Action
-Sturdy Stock
2)Pump Action Shotgun
-Real Pump Action
-Sturdy Stock
3)Slide Action Pistol
-Real Slide Action
-Comfortable Grip

They are "okay." 
Definitely not my best work but the mechanisms are very neat.
If you want and Instructable on any of these please
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<p>AMAZING I NEEEEEEED the instructions</p>
<p>show shootin!!!</p>
<p>that is very creative and i think i might make the pistol</p>
<p>These are awesome.</p>
<p>awesomeness </p>
<p>plz make a tutorial on the guns plz </p><p>thank you so much!</p>
Dude you are awesome, they are great, plz pistol paper gun instruction *-*
You should take the shotgun and add the scope from the sniper. IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!
please post sniper instructions
nice.you should add a little spring stopper for the bolt action rifle
Awesome! Very creative!
post post post <br>plz plz plz <br>POOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT <br>
those are totally awesome
how exactly do paper guns shoot?
Blow gun.
please post the instructables ASAP
ya those are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; )
do they shoot<br>
Yes. They all shoot..
dude those are sick
Thanks, it's nice to hear it.

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