Some of my paper guns.
1)Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
-Supposed to shoot but I guess not
-Real Bolt Action
-Sturdy Stock
2)Pump Action Shotgun
-Real Pump Action
-Sturdy Stock
3)Slide Action Pistol
-Real Slide Action
-Comfortable Grip

They are "okay." 
Definitely not my best work but the mechanisms are very neat.
If you want and Instructable on any of these please
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SuburbanJ2 days ago

that is very creative and i think i might make the pistol

These are awesome.

Atom37739 months ago


plz make a tutorial on the guns plz

thank you so much!

nfreeman41 year ago
mfernanda1 year ago
Dude you are awesome, they are great, plz pistol paper gun instruction *-*
Big Baneser2 years ago
You should take the shotgun and add the scope from the sniper. IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!
jayray1232 years ago
bbsbsb3 years ago
please post sniper instructions
vruiz34 years ago
nice.you should add a little spring stopper for the bolt action rifle
artworker4 years ago
Awesome! Very creative!
leoishungry (author)  artworker4 years ago
post post post
plz plz plz
yapoyo4 years ago
those are totally awesome
ilpug4 years ago
how exactly do paper guns shoot?
leoishungry (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Blow gun.
bsb4 years ago
please post the instructables ASAP
THECHINABOY4 years ago
ya those are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; )
sammyd9014 years ago
do they shoot
leoishungry (author)  sammyd9014 years ago
Yes. They all shoot..
blowfo4 years ago
dude those are sick
leoishungry (author)  blowfo4 years ago
Thanks, it's nice to hear it.