Paper Hand Puppet Easy





Introduction: Paper Hand Puppet Easy

About: i am mukul bhardwaj

Its an easy Hand Puppet and you will have fun make this and to play with this ...

Have fun!!!!

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Step 1: Material Required

1.A sqaure paper sheet(any color of your choice)

Step 2: Fold the Paper in Half Diagonally and Again Fold the Paper.

Step 3: Now Open the Folds.

Step 4: Now Just Follow the Images Below

Step 5: Fold the Paper As Shown and Follow the Video

Step 6: Now Show Your Creativity and Draw a Face As You Like

Step 7: Now See Your Puppet in Action...

Step 8: Please Vote for Me in the Contest



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    5 months ago

    great bro

    i think you wiil win that prizes
    keep it up

    amazing and so simple

    In photo 5 you need to turn the paper in step4