Fold paper into a fox puppet

Step 1: Center Line 1

take a normal sized paper

fold it in half lengthwise to make a center line to follow, then un-fold

Step 2: Corners to Center Line

fold all 4 corners to the center line you just made

Step 3: Fold in Half

now fold widthwise so that the 2 pointed ends meet

Step 4: Fold in Corners

there two corners you need to fold to the center line

Step 5: Fold in Half

right now you should have a square, i can't really explain this step so look at the pictures

Step 6: Cut the Ears

cut the top triangle so you made ears

Step 7: Decorate

draw a face and stuff

Step 8: DONE

now put your thumb and index finger in the two flaps on the bottom and pinch to make the mouth close, release to open the mouth. have fun
this was quite a neat instructable.
I really enjoyed making this hand puppet. I shared it with my class and they loved it.
i made this and its fun to annoy people with nice work=)<br/>
Cool! I made one that looked like Rock Lee from Naruto! . lol
this is awesome!
awesome. thanks.
Reminds me of that "Cootie Catcher" as we called it.

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