Picture of Paper Hand Puppet
Fold paper into a fox puppet

Step 1: Center line 1

Picture of center line 1
take a normal sized paper

fold it in half lengthwise to make a center line to follow, then un-fold
this was quite a neat instructable.
khandi24866 years ago
I really enjoyed making this hand puppet. I shared it with my class and they loved it.
Easy Button8 years ago
i made this and its fun to annoy people with nice work=)
High_me8 years ago
Cool! I made one that looked like Rock Lee from Naruto! . lol
kneecaps8 years ago
this is awesome!
hyraspray8 years ago
awesome. thanks.
PetervG8 years ago
Reminds me of that "Cootie Catcher" as we called it.