Picture of Paper Harlem Shakers
Doing the Harlem Shake is so exhausting!
I have been shaking for nearly 3 months now... straight.
Time to hand over the responsibility to some paper guy that I can put on whatever shakes. The car, the washing machine, grandma, ...

Make as many as you like and let your mini-me shake it for you.

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Step 1: You need

Picture of You need
  • Paper: This works with every kind of paper, but I like crafting with 160 g / m2 (instead of normal 80), and I am quite sure you also will.
  • Glue: Quick-drying.
  • Scissors: And other optional crafting stuff, like tweezers, pins, mini scissors, cutter. Take a look at the photo.
  • A printer
  • A photo: Of the person you want to Harlem Shake. Or you can choose from the faces in the template.

Step 2: Preparing

Picture of Preparing
You can choose between the original pink guy who showed off his abilities in the original video, or you can make your own, which would be great.
Therefore, print page 2 (original) or page 3 (custom) from the PDF.

You will see a circle for your own face, if you want to build yourself. That is the size you should fill with your face, it matches roughly the size of a passport photo. But you can also use the faces of Filthy Frank, Storm Trooper, or Motor Cycle Helmet Guy.

If you choose the custom version, you should color the template before you build it. Check what parts will be which body parts later and color them according to that. 
Here you can see 4 versions, that match the guys in the original video.
misko132 years ago
Great instructable! Can`t stop watching the video ;D
I love your work Keep it up try to make a shark paper craft
tandykins2 years ago
THIS IS SILLY. I approve.
Kdemon2 years ago
Super Funny, I would like to see a youtube complication of paper 'Harlem Shakes' it would be great! Keep up the good work Kamibox.de!
patsyh22 years ago
Cute idea and video! One small suggestion: A stationary backdrop would be nice for those viewers (like me) prone to motion sickness! ;)
As soon as i saw this i had to make one, quite easy but fiddly, I taped it to the sub woofer on my desk. I'll upload a video if i can. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzM6R8MSnYE&feature=youtu.be
kamibox.de (author)  rocketman2172 years ago
Great idea!
Sahilnilay2 years ago
good! nice thing
hahaha. awesome! During the crazy shake portion of the video, your gangnam guy kept peeping inbetween the shakers and looked like he was also jumping around hidden behind one of the guys. At the end I understood he was sitting on the shelf :)
samalert2 years ago
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!
ProRock2 years ago
This is creatively funny.
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Haha, the video is awesome!