Paper Heart Pocket. Heart Mathematics . No Glue . Kirigami




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Introduction: Paper Heart Pocket. Heart Mathematics . No Glue . Kirigami

How to make paper heart pocket ? No glue. No glue. You need just two piece of paper (different colour). Kirigami .

for heart pop up card look

for other cool paper projects



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    Trim the tops of the heart, add a thin handle, and it makes a nice small Easter Basket!

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    Easter? This is traditionally made with green and red then hung on a Christmas tree with sweets inside. In Danish they are called Julehjerte, lyterally meaning Christmas hearts.

    This Is really cool! We made these in school once. Traditionally, in Denmark a loop is added on top and it is hung on a Christmas tree. Also I think they normally have only 3 strips although four looks really good.

    or construction paper.....

    I don't think the video is working... Well, it's not for me. :(

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    Nevermind. I see the links! haha! woops! YAY! haha! I'm going to do this with the kids at church. woohoo! lol

    VERY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! see if you can make a bag

    So COOL. I have seen these hearts, with a loop added over the top, used as Christmas tree decorations in Denmark. Candies or sweets are placed inside for the children to find at Christmas excellent demo

    very dooooooooooooooooooooood

    oh my gosh i love this one so SO much. this is one of the few i can accomplish!

    I will have to try this on a larger scale. Very cool.

    Dude u r like totaly awesome if only i was this awesome man how do you think of this stuff? =D i am going to make this!!! You should make more =D

    it's actualy kirigami because it used more than one paper

    I thought kirigami is when you cut the paper?

    <3 wai so fun to do!!
    i bet my lil sis would rly love this _

    Thank you!

    fun lookin