Picture of Paper Helicopter

Who needs a paper air plane when you can have a paper helicopter?
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. One 8.5" by 11" piece of paper
2. Ruler
3. Scissors

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Airplane2 002.jpg
First, you will need to cut a strip of paper 1.5" by 5" as in picture 1 and 2.

Step 3: Cuts and Folds

Picture of Cuts and Folds
Airplane2 009.jpg
Airplane2 006.jpg
Now that you have cut the piece of paper to length, it's time for the next step. Cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted. Fold A forwards, and B backwards. Fold both C and D inwards. Also, fold E upwards for wieght at the bottom. When you are done, it should look like picture 2.

Step 4: Wanna Go Farther

Picture of Wanna Go Farther
Airplane2 010.jpg
The blades on the helicopter should be big when your done, but if you want to make it spin faster cut the blades thinner like in picture 2.

Thanks for looking. Hope you had as much fun as I did.
This is one of the easiest paper "thingys" ever. that is why i love it so much. plus i like the way it looks :D
123dennis666 years ago
is this in cm
BuilderLoon6 years ago
dropped from the rop of stairs easy!!!'
Weston6076 years ago
AH HA!!!! There was a fan behind you're hand! This puzzled me for almost 10 mins. i was FLABERGASTED from how it flew from you're fingertips! Lol, Me Slow!
Sorry, no fan...
OMG I KEEP GETTING FOOLED!!!!! You threw it down stairs!!!! YESS!!!!!! God im Stupid! lol
Wafflicious6 years ago
Awesome, (don't I get a thanks too?) (removed by community request) lol.
a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago my teacher printed out this from some site and they were called bunnycopters
Budmcfer387 years ago
Cool! Nice idea!
TomjRace7 years ago
tyu#7 years ago
This is real cool!
The magical duct tape kid (author)  tyu#7 years ago
Thanks for the comment!
Surprisingly fun to do!
Thanks, it is a lot of fun to do!
djmelton7 years ago
did u get this from google? cuz i found it on there
You kno this is on Microsoft Publisher
Chikara7 years ago
:D thats alright then :) im glad i didnt seem rude 0.o
Chikara7 years ago
www.paperairplanes.co.uk/I believe this was stolen from a site I use to go to, unless you gave the owner of www.paperairplanes.co.uk/ the drawings, letters, and design? Hmmm. Or maybe you are the owner, if so... sorry if I seem rude...
The design is pretty basic. I just found a good photo on the web.
Gjdj3 Chikara7 years ago
I thinkk its true they have the same design but I also think that this design is pretty classic and that I've seen it before other places. And you don't seem rude... just suspicious. Haha.
Hehe, awesome! I did this in science class as a project, and I've done it before too, it's really fun and cool. Great job!
Thanks for the comment!
Gjdj37 years ago
Nice instructable!
Thank you!
Riley1010107 years ago
Very original! I like it!
Thanks for the comment.
Potter457 years ago
Nice Idea!
Thank you.