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Introduction: Paper Kite

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Make a kite out of paper and some other cheap materials. A great project for kids and really easy to make. A great kite design that can be used on a windy day.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper, some string, some masking tape, caution tape (party streamers will work here), a ruler, and a kabob stick (or an 8" piece of small dowel). For tools, you will need a pair of scissors and a pencil.

Step 2: Fold the Paper

Take the sheet of paper and fold it in half width wise. Then with the closed edge on your left, mark lengths using the ruler. Refer to the picture for lengths and locations. Next, draw a line from point to point, and then fold along that line.
Once you have folded the paper, tape with masking tape. Refer to picture for tape placement.

Step 3: Add Wood

Cut the piece of wood down to 8" long. Then lay it across the longest part of the paper (as shown in picture). Tape it down with masking tape.

Flip the paper over and fold the top flap back and forth. It should then stand up and the paper should resemble a paper airplane.

Step 4: Attach the Tail

If you are using caution tape, then cut it in half lengthwise so that it is half the width. Then tape together a six foot section. If you are using a party streamer, then just cut a six foot length. Then, tape it to the top edge of the kite, on the opposite side as the wood.

Step 5: Attach the Line

Now, on the bottom flap, measure in 3" from the front. Put a strip of tape across that section to help reinforce the paper. Then, measure 1/4" up on the tape and poke a small hole. Feed the end of the string through the hole and tie it down.

Unroll about 15' of string and cut. Then wrap the string around the pencil. Now, your kite should be complete and ready to fly.



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    17 Discussions

    The picture has the closed edge on the right where the inch and 2 1/4 inch marks are made... watch out! I just showed a group of 11 year olds how to do it wrong! I hope the things will fly anyway!!!

    This instructable looks alot like this:
    written in 1999 in Hawaii. The above website has even better instructions.

    The instuctions kinda suck. But other then that its okayy. But better if u put MORE detail into the instructons!Please!?

    On my kite, a long drinking straw (or 2 straws taped together) instead of a wooden stick works well for light winds.

    what kind of paper is it. is like cardstock or just normal paper.

    :D i made it, and it suprsingly worked, even though i never flown a kite. my firend suggests you use 200 ft or more of string, so the kite can fly high.

    lol ive glanced at this 7 times and i thought it said "paper knife" :S

    My sister says "It's AWESOME!!! :) It works really well!"

    I made one of these for the weekend. I didn't put a tail on. It flew ok in a medium breeze, but the string weighed it down. In a stronger breeze, it flew quickly up to the end of the string, much higher than other 'storebought' kites in the park. It flew well, but went into a death spiral...but pulled itself out before hitting the ground. It then climbed quickly again to full height, and repeated the death was very very fun, and a wild kite to fly...a bit out of control. I'm going out w/it again tomorrow night...

    We use this design for our kite workshops that we hold for kid's groups (Cub Scouts and the like)- real easy, can do them in bulk for almost nothing, and the kids love them- don;t even need wind, just let the kids run with them! Once you get the tails balanced on them, a train might be possible- hand;t tried that one yet. Or maybe make a good sized arch.


    11 years ago

    nice. really cheap and easy to build i will try at school tomorrow


    11 years ago

    This design looks very good! The material should be light so choose thin paper. I recommend 30cm bamboo barbeque skewers for the dowel part. This kite is so easy to make that it should be perfect for long trains of tens or even hundreds of kites. Success!