Step 5: Kind of Complicated...

Picture of Kind of Complicated...
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Now you should fold the bottom edges in like the first picture. Make sure they line up with the middle. After that, use the crease that you made in step 4 to determine where to refold the edges out They should line up with the crease like the picture (which is a wee bit dark. Sorry...)
bamcar15 years ago
mcmilky6 years ago
ragalfragal i was all good untill here i will quit when this gets boring!!!!!!!
sk8tepro327 years ago
cant you make the pics beter. i cant see the thing!
sonicthechao (author)  sk8tepro327 years ago
they might be hard 2 see if your monitor has a really high brightness or contrast or whatever. They are a little blurry, but visible.
"which is a wee bit dark. sorry..." haha i like your style.