Hi Folks,
Weeks ago, me and my 3y.o. son, build up a paper lamp. We use it as a desk lamp, but it can be hanged with some strings to a stick and place inside a little tea candle to light your night walks trough the River Promenade or somewhere cool place...

Step 1: B.O.M.

Materials you need:
-Paper (I use the one called in spanish "Papel de seda" or "Silk paper" what is a thin, coloured and very "organic" kind of paper, but I don't know how is called in english because I found in dictionary translated as "Tissue Papper", but I'm not sure about is the same kind of paper...)
-A Balloon
- White glue
-A bowl or plate,
-15 or 20 inches of some thread or string.
Fun! What a great project with the kids.
Thanks!<br>Yes, the kids can have fun doing it, and with my son, when we turn the light on, he is really proud of it!

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