Introduction: Paper Lamp (cathedral Light)

This light casts glow that amazes anyone who looks at it.

To make this lamp, you will need a few things:

Paper/card (A4 x 9, 180 - 250 gsm) - for lamp units

Card (A4 x 3, 300 gsm) - for the lamp middle support and light fixture cover


Superglue gel


Craft knife


Double-sided tape

Glue stick

You can download the template support and cover specifically for this A4 construction-

You will need 2 copies.

Watch the tutorial in the video for full instructions.


AshleyM230 made it! (author)2017-02-05

i loved making this easy to make lamp shade i did one for a table lamp and one for the main light in my living room the one on my main light i used paper printed with a water colour effect and it looks nice i did ever alterntate as a coloured one

EzyCraft (author)AshleyM2302017-02-06

Wow.. simply splendid.. it is so rewarding to see how my video has helped you. Thanks for sharing with us.

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