Paper Lantern (Basic) Super Easy





Introduction: Paper Lantern (Basic) Super Easy

This Instructable is so easy that it's almost unnecessary, so I'll keep it as short as possible.

You'll need:

A jar (any size)

A candle (votive or tea light)

A piece of card stock or computer paper

Clear tape

Step 1: Choose and Prep Your Paper

Card stock looks more legit (non-homemade,) but computer paper will appear brighter

Choose whichever you'd like and then roll your paper so the ends are only slightly overlapping and then tape it.

Step 2: Put the Candle in the Jar

Step 3: Put the Rolled Paper Around the Jar

Step 4: The End.

Whenever you want to light the candle, remove the sleeve, light the candle, and put the sleeve back over the jar. Make sure the paper is far enough away from the candle so it won't catch fire. You can paint or colour your paper before rolling it. Try coloured papers, too, but not construction paper.

The reason I chose such a tiny jar for such a large candle is that the candle is soy and will melt into the jar very quickly. The jar provides extra fire protection.

If you spill wax onto cloth, immediately rinse it (inside-out or on the reverse side of the spill) with hot water. The wax will melt out. DO NOT LET THE WAX HARDEN!

If you cause a fire with this, I'm not liable. Don't leave fire unattended EVER. I personally have never had an issue with any of the lanterns I have ever made, but if something blows or knocks over the sleeve (which is very possible) it MAY CATCH FIRE. Don't use outside. Don't use in a room with a fan blowing in the direction of the lantern. Don't put it on the floor or within reach if you have children, pets, dumb roommates, ghosts, or frequent earthquakes. If you still cause a fire, please contact your nearest elementary school teacher and seek further education.




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    Thanks for making this! It gave me an idea for my second Instructable!

    I will try this with handmade paper or perhaps cotton or linen paper if I can find some without a watermark - I think it would look better than perfectly even paper such as printer paper or cardstock, unless you want to cut a design in the upper half of the paper.

    Very cool looking.. And very dangerous! But thanks for sharing!

    Also, if you put a tealight inside of a small jar like the one shown and roll your paper tighter, the wind will not be able to knock it over because of the snug fit. You can tinker and see what works for you. Another reader suggested LED candles.

    I disagree about it being dangerous, especially if you put the lid underneath of the jar. It will keep the sleeve pretty firmly in place.

    Hahaha! Love your final paragraph! Cool idea--would work with LED candles too! :)

    Yes, it would work with LED candles. I make my own candles, but my candle needs are not great enough to keep up with the supply, so, I'm just sort of wasting them at this point.