Paper Luger P08 Pistol (Pistole Parabellum 1908)


Introduction: Paper Luger P08 Pistol (Pistole Parabellum 1908)

This paper model of the Luger features a removeable 8 round box magazine, working trigger, functioning recoil, detachable barrel and recoil.
I'm going to make some 9mm bullets for it soon, the paper spring in the magazine would push them into the chamber, and the bullet will stay stationary (because obviously it can't actually be fired) until it is ejected by manually pulling back the toggle. When that happens, another bullet should automaticly be fed into the chamber. At least thats how it is supposed to work.



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    Brawo!!!!!!! can i get the plans to this? if yes than send it to my email.

    can i get the plans to this? if yes than send it to my email.

    that is by far the best luger made of paper ive ever seen

    Hi there, Did you get plans for this model or make it by referring to photos? Excellent work!

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    A little bit of both, mostly photo reference though, I had plans to another luger papermodel that I used to get the scale right. Other than that it was all PO8 diagrams and explanations.

    Alsome Look up tacome1942 on YouTube he makes paper guns that shoot

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    I did, i'm really impressed with his work :)

    I used several of his tecniques in the paper rc car got a few new ideas I'm going to Try when I get the time to build another one

    Great job, I always loved the look of Lugers :D

    Please don't be sorry - take better ones - your work deserves it.

    Sorry for the quality of some of the pics