Introduction: Paper Mâché TARDIS

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I have seen many "make your own TARDIS" tutorials but all of them took to long (I have like no patience) so I made my own.

This is the perfect "rainy day" project, I made the whole thing and I didn't have to leave my house to buy supplies

Step 1: Materials

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•a few cardboard boxes

•x-acto knife

•masking tape



•straight edge


•tardis blue paint

•white paint


•Black paint

•yellow paint (optional)

•a small spool emptied of thread

Step 2: Construction

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•Make four rectangles out of cardboard that are 24.8 cm by 13.6 cm

•make two squares out of cardboard that are 13.6cm by 13.6cm

•cut them out with and x-acto knife
Note- they don't have to be perfect,we are going to paper mâché over them

•tape one of the squares to a rectangle, it helps if you get someone to hold it for you while you tape

•keep taping the pieces together until you get a rectangular prism

Step 3: Paper Mâché

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•make the pulpy mixture- 1/2 cup of flour, 1cup of water, and one spoon of salt

• make strips of newspaper

•dip the strips in the mixture, when you take them out push the access mix off of the strip -you will get messy

• lay them on your tardis

• repeat until your tardis is completely covered

•let it dry over night...or something....maybe just a few hours

Step 4: Painting

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( I didn't take pictures off this so bear with me)
•first put one or two coats of white paint (this is optional but I feel like it will make your tardis last longer)

•next a coat of blue paint

• pencil in the squares, windows, and doors. When you like how they look, paint them in.( I put the template up there for the front and the side)

• paint the spool blue and yellow (or white) and glue it on top

Step 5: You're Done!

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Have fun with your newly instated time machine!


Tardis !!!

Awesome job! I love Dr Who!

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