Introduction: Paper Mache Embossed Painting

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  1. Hardboard Sheet
  2. Tissue Paper Roll
  3. White Flour
  4. PVA Glue
  5. White Oil Paint (better to have matt finish)
  6. Brush
  7. Fork
  8. Spoon
  9. Ice Cream Stick

Step 1: Preparation

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  1. Soak tissue paper in warm water.
  2. After 10 minutes, squeeze the tissue and drain water thoroughly.
  3. Break the tissue into small pieces.
  4. Add white flour and PVA Glue.
  5. Mash as much as possible.
  6. Draw the objects on hardboard which you want to make like Tree,Reindeer,etc.

Step 2:

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  1. Apply paper mache on drawing.
  2. Use Ice cream stick and spoon handle to make it smooth.
  3. Use fork to make texture on tree stem.

Step 3:

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Use spoon to make tree dense leaves.

Step 4:

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Apply white paint and let it to dry.


inconceivable1 (author)2017-11-24

wow that looks good

Thank you so much.

Doc Holliday (author)2017-11-23

There are so many creative opportunities here!

Thank you,
– David

Thank you, Sir David.

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