Paper Made Wall-mat





Introduction: Paper Made Wall-mat

This mat is made from paper. You can be made it very easily. You can gift it to your loved one & it is ideal project for homemade gift.You can write a short name of your beloved person,any symbol or whatever you want within the encircled design to make it more attractable . I have written here my most favourable name "ALLAHU" in Arabic letters ,by which we always remember our almighty.

Step 1: You Need...

1. 80gsm A4 size White Paper
2. Paper cutting Scissor
3. Paper Glue
4. Different color Gel pen
5. Ruler

Step 2: Make Paper Strip

Cut the paper as 65mm X 2.5mm strip.

Step 3: Make Coil

Put a tiny drop of glue on the end of the coil to fix it.

Step 4: Give Shape

Give different shape by pressing it with fingers.

Step 5: Color It

Randomly color it with gel pen.

Step 6: Draw Rough

Using pencil draw a rough what you want to make

Step 7: Put Coil to Paper

Add glue to permanently attach with paper.

Step 8: Complete

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    love it....going to use it with my art students....high school...

    سلام علیکم

    سبحان الله

    ماشاءاللّہ..... سبحان اللّہ.......

    3jbettni lfikra ema ken ghayaret l'arriere plan bcouleur e5or 5ir :)

    jazakAllah really nice :)

    الله الله سبحان الله .....شكرا

    very good i like it

    very good i like it