Introduction: Paper Magictrick

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Hello today I'm gonna make and tell you how to do a paper magic tricks it's very fun PLS follow and like me And comment

Step 1: What We Need

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We need all above and a person I can't photograph that sorrry

Step 2: Making the Base

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Write number 1 to 9 on your paper and make boxes like pic one and then put numbers like 1# on each box
And then write a number on the back side of the paper that should be at number 1-9 like pic 2 i picked 4

Step 3: Step 1

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So don't tell the number to the person your playing with turn the page around then go to box one and tell them that Pick 5 numbers if they say I pick 2 6 7 9 3 so if your number is not in here then write the number that are left and cut the number that are selected like pic one

Step 4: Step 2

Then ask what 3 numbers to you want they say 1 5 8 then cut the number they selected then tell them the number 4 came here and already I wrote 4. ha ha ha

Step 5: Other Way

So tell the person to cut 5 numbers and you right the number 8 at back then they selected you number Including 1 4 5 6 8 then write the numbers that they selected and cut they didn't select then ask 1458 and cut 6 then continue then when it comes to 2 numbers of they that are left then if they cut 8 say you cut 8 and it's at the back or they cut 4 then say it's 8 and u didn't cut it

Step 6: Thank You for Watching

Thanks for seeing this thx PLS follow me


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