A quick and easy way to marble paper!

Step 1:

Step 2:

~ Supplies ~

~ Ruler

~ Food Dye

~ Shaving Cream (make sure it is foam)

~ Painters Tape

~ Envelopes/ Paper

~ Plates

~ Tooth Picks or Spatula

~ Tray

Step 3:

Start by taping off any areas of the paper you do not want to be marbled. Since I started by marbling the flap of the envelope, I also used a different piece of paper to help cover up the area I wasn't marbling.

Step 4:

Cover the tray in a layer of shaving cream. Then, add a few drops of food dye onto the shaving cream. Next, take the spatula or the tooth pick and mix the food dye with the shaving cream. I use the tooth pick when I want to create more of a pattern. Using the spatula will create more of the marbled look.

Step 5:

Next, press the paper on top of the shaving cream. Then, pull up the paper and take the rule and scrape the shaving cream off. Let dry before using.

<p>This was so much fun it should probably be illegal. :D Thanks for sharing!</p>
In second grade my science teacher used the wrong kind of shaving cream,it did not work.in conclusion Always use foamy stuff
<p>Wow! I didn't know you could use regular paper &amp; food dye for this! Thanks!</p><p>It's spectacular on glossy or photo paper. </p>
<p>Thank you! I'll have to try it on the glossy paper! I've also seen where people use the same technique on fabric. </p>
<p>I just have to try this for our next charity card event. thanks so much for sharing.</p>
I can't wait to give it a try, thanks for sharing :-)
I love this idea and it's numerous other applications. I'll have to see if I can add it to my growing list of things to try. :)

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