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I also got featured on HackADay! Link: http://hackaday.com/2011/03/22/paper-mechanical-iris/ 

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I posted a picture Instructable of this, and someone wanted me to make an instructable.
This mechanical iris has 6 segments, I plan to add more, it is "upgradable", as for that I can add more segments and fix broken ones. It can open and close smoothly, and it had a detachable strap to make it a monicle but I broke it a while ago

New thing: the first 2 people who make this will get a patch!
Edit: Win Guy already made one! look at the top comment and you will see it. There is only 1 patch left!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here is what you need:
-Printout, image below
-scissors and hobby knife(Xacto Knife)
-snippers or plyers
-foam core, I used 1/4 in
-credit cards or gift cards with no protruding objects( I don't know now many I used, but I guess i used 3-4)
I made two. One full size and another 3/4 scale. They actually nest in a pretty cool way.
dombeef (author)  LogicalParadox4 years ago
Do you have any images of it?
I tried to put some up but couldnt get the uploader to play nice with my phone. Goimg to post them tonight. I built them for a pair of steam punk goggles I am working on. Thanks for posting my inspiration.
dombeef (author)  LogicalParadox4 years ago
I think it is tomorrow where ever you are right now?
I'm in the U.S. Central time zone. In about four hours I'm going to post the pictures. I had some other things come up last night that kept me from it. I'm going to post the pictures of the two irises separately and then I'm going to post the finished product picture. The finished product has a full size "brass bottom ring" and a 3/4 sized cam wheel. This allows it to slide into the eye socket of a pair of goggles I already own for a simpler modification rather than having to build an entire new socket for the iris.
dombeef (author)  LogicalParadox4 years ago
Ok, it sounds very cool!
Here they are. Just a day late. And a couple of hours off.
dombeef (author)  LogicalParadox4 years ago
Wow, they look very good! The patch is coming up shortly!

How do they work out? It is really cool to see that the new plans that I made works nicely(it was originally an image but I changed it into a pdf a few weeks ago.)
Win Guy4 years ago
Totally awesome! I'm gonna post pics as soon as I'm finished. I'll be getting a Pro membership very soon, I'll let you know when.
Win Guy
dombeef (author)  Win Guy4 years ago
Good luck!
Win Guy dombeef4 years ago
I'm finished! I hope these pics get through okay - I used two layers of cardboard instead of foam, and it works great!
Win Guy
MMSSS17 months ago
How are you all?
Iam study mechanical
I want to make mecanical lirs
I need help and size

Any one can help me?
asmith2101 year ago
This site is very informative. Your site will be bookmarked for future reference.
___3 years ago
You work at Sears?
dombeef (author)  ___3 years ago
No I do not, I actually know a friend that works there and when these giftcards expired they gave it to me because it was no use to them and it was going to be thrown out anyways.
___ dombeef3 years ago
Cool, always nice to have some extra free stufff to play around with.
FrozenIce3 years ago
u wrote 3th, its 3rd
FrozenIce3 years ago
any patches or pro memberships left?? :D
dombeef (author)  FrozenIce3 years ago
Hmm... Let me check.... I do have a patch left!
heathbar643 years ago
Very cool!!
I'm definitely gonna play with this. Can you give more info on how you would actually design this, as in more than just print pattern and cut? Specifically, how to determine the size and shape of the leaves and the pin spacing, slot spacing etc. I want to design one to my own needs rather than just copy yours.
Someone I know made this out of metal and showed me where the idea was from and showed this page. I was shocked. Pretty good. I like it. :)
dombeef (author)  rojo.balloon4 years ago
Wait, someone actually made this and told someone about it? They should have posted a comment, I would give them a patch
well they are not really a member. That person just looks at the creations people have. :) And question: are you allowed to give people patches. That is cool.
dombeef (author)  rojo.balloon4 years ago
Yeah, but only if you are pro
is a patch like a badge?
dombeef (author)  rojo.balloon4 years ago
yeah, it is on your page with you instructables on in
OK. I will check that.
dombeef (author)  rojo.balloon4 years ago
But you have to be pro first, you arent
oh ok.
So, pros give pros badges.
dombeef (author)  rojo.balloon4 years ago
Pros can give anyone badges
Badges?  We don't need no stinking badges!    :)

Understood. :)
Ojsmudge4 years ago
i made one but had to use card instead of credit or gift cards so the paperclip cuttings broke off
dombeef (author)  Ojsmudge4 years ago
Hmm, did you try layering the card?(I think you are referring to cardstock?)
nope just a layer of card from a cereal box didnt work :( oh well
dombeef (author)  Ojsmudge4 years ago
Well if you get it working you will get a patch!
techxpert4 years ago
any one know a video
dombeef (author)  techxpert4 years ago
A video for what?

Unfortuantly I gave this to a very special teacher that let me work on this and many other projects and he was leaving, I am making another one and when I finish I will make a video.
yay :)
dombeef (author)  techxpert4 years ago
It might take a while, I have a few more projects ahead of it.
souichi4 years ago
what is this project for?
dombeef (author)  souichi4 years ago

It was a challenge because I was bored and i had nothing to do over the weekend

Also no one ever did this before, i had to do it
k.bipin dombeef4 years ago
is this project ... like IRIS in the human eye?? kind of?
dombeef (author)  k.bipin4 years ago
It is kinda like it, that the eye opens and closes, but the eye doesnt move the same way that this does.
k.bipin dombeef4 years ago
Travpena4 years ago
im still a little confused here, we print the PDF and make like 6 shutter pieces, the cam wheel like a circle to help with alignment and the top and brass ring on foam. maybe. also how are they layered? im thinking bottom, cam, then top.
dombeef (author)  Travpena4 years ago
You put the cam wheel the top ring and the bottom ring on the foam core. The top ring has the lines so when you glue the cam wheel parts on it, you dont get it aligned wrong. And yes, they are layered like this: bottom, shutter, cam, and then top. the top ring has the container attached to it, as in the step ahead.

I dont have it with me because I gave it to a teacher that left last year, so I cant post any new pictures or videos, but I can still help you with most of the other stuff.
monkeys984 years ago
i want 2 make a box with a iris on top so that u have 2 know where the switch is
dombeef (author)  monkeys984 years ago
Look at my paper diamond puzzle sketchbook, I am thinking of making that have 6 segments so it is more like an iris.
Travpena4 years ago
i have no idea what a patch is for but i defiantly want it, i got this!!!
dombeef (author)  Travpena4 years ago
It shows up on your page, only pro members can give it out if they have any left.

Good luck!
Ojsmudge4 years ago
do the blades move in when you turn the outer blue casing
dombeef (author)  Ojsmudge4 years ago
Yes, They move making the inner parts bigger and smaller, Look up a mechanical iris to see a video of it, I unfortunately don't have it any more and I cant make a video
thanks im gonna make it
dombeef (author)  Ojsmudge4 years ago
I now have a real pdf that you can print out if you are going to make it
dombeef (author)  Ojsmudge4 years ago
Good luck! If you do I will give you a patch!
hellvig4 years ago
Thanks for using milimeters, rather than the American Middle Age system!
The rest of the world has been using the metric system since the 1800s.
dombeef (author)  hellvig4 years ago
I use either ones, whichever is closest to the object that I am trying to measure.
eyebot1174 years ago
Love it man. I'm rebinding my sketchbooks with cardboard and I've always wanted to add one of these on the front cover.
dombeef (author)  eyebot1174 years ago
Thanks! I am making a thinner version that hopefully will work, for a monicle and such
I tried to make one of these last year actually but it wouldn't close but only a little bit. Does yours close all the way?
dombeef (author)  eyebot1174 years ago
No, but i am making a new one that will close almost all the way
maxwelljets4 years ago
Are the cam wheel and brass ring in the completed iris made of foam, or made of paper? Also, in the completed iris, is there one cam wheel or 2? Could I substitute cardboard for foam?
dombeef (author)  maxwelljets4 years ago
Foam, there are 2, one for the movement, one for alignment,and maybe?
k-pax4 years ago
Que interesante
dombeef (author)  k-pax4 years ago
jeoncs4 years ago
This is pretty sweet gonna see if I can look around for some decent opaque plastic to make an aperture rig for a home made lens
dombeef (author)  jeoncs4 years ago
Make sure it is not to thick, good luck!
colorex4 years ago
After contemplation I realized that this iris won't shut completely, (dissappointing)
but then I found this:
This is a very good design!
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Also, I made one like that version, it didnt work out so well
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Yeah the guy made a mistake in the activator. The slots should go the other way.
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
No, i made one like that, it doesnt work so well
I made that kind before I made this kind, that kind can have errors, it wont produce a perfect circle.
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Well some people would use them for other uses where only a fully open and a fully closed are important. And the star looks cool!
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
I am making a new version, it involves a thinner plastic that would allow it to close almost completely
colorex dombeef4 years ago
My make has only six blades, which means that if you have a 10 cm opening, the edge where the blades hide would be 5cm wide. Not good. On the other side, my model can close completely because the blades don't overlap. I might use NSF for that. If I make it.
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yeah, good luck!
colorex dombeef4 years ago
NSF means MDF with iPods spellcheck LOL
colorex4 years ago
Well, basically when I saw this It reminded me of the stargate, and of the iris. That's what they call it. Then I realized that they also call the one on a camera an iris. Hmmm.
Anyway, you gave me (us) insight on the construction af an iris, and how it works. Thanks dombeef!
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Your welcome!
Make sure to add pictures when you are done!
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Well, I wasn't actually planning to do it but now that you mention it, I have a lot of free time these days. I might consider making one!
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
I now have a new thing, the first two people to make one will get a patch!
colorex dombeef4 years ago
On monday I'll start. I hope no one reads this. But what is a patch?
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
It is like a badge on your page, there would be a patch below your instructables
If you need any help, comment or pm me, a pm would get a quicker response
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Ok! THANKS! I will!
Of what subjects are you a master? I mean what are you good at?
I am best at computers, but im also good at inventing stuff, building, design, well you can say I'm good at everything but an expert at nothing... Or sumpin like that...
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
I am good at computers, designing, building, inventing, etc
I don't have an arduino, but I am thinking of getting one, for general projects and a cnc plotter.
colorex dombeef4 years ago
O_o arduino was a new word for me when I entered instructables. I only know it's about electronics and programming... I do know how programming syntax is. But I would have to google for specific functions.
Also I live in Ecuador (google that) and the country is underdeveloped and the cool stuff has to be brought from US for $$$
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yeah me too, I mostly only fixed stuff, or just took stuff apart, till I got to instructables, or it could be coincidence, I was about 10 or so
Now I make stuff, either from an instructable or I invented it and actually fix stuff, my friends and even my teachers ask me to fix something of theirs.
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Yeah this page is real cool! I've also started to put stuff together after opening them... LOL
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yeah lol
colorex dombeef4 years ago
You're just like me! As soon as you recieve a comment you feel the need to reply, even if there is nothing to be said! LOL
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yeah... lol

dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Oh, ok, good luck!
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Thanks! :)
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
No problem
colorex4 years ago
More info
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yeah, I based mine off that template, I linked to the template above
colorex dombeef4 years ago
About the patch contest, can i design my own iris?
I have an idea for a six blade iris. Maybe I'll try not to make them overlap. Will I win a patch if I post that?
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Mine has six blades,you would get a patch only if it is like mine, an iris, and made of paper and foam core, and paperclips, or similar items
colorex dombeef4 years ago
Ok but ill make it bigger.
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Good luck!
Pe-ads4 years ago
*starts humming Still Alive*
We just keep on going 'til we run out of cake!
I'm feeling so secure right now...
We're Aperture Science.
We do what we must, because we can.
Even though you broke my heart and killed me!
FireFreek4 years ago
So we cut out 1 cam wheel and 1 brass ring from the foam?
And one extra brass ring from the paper and glue it where?
dombeef (author)  FireFreek4 years ago
Sorry, my mistake, i changed it.
You need two cam wheels, one for them movement, and the other for alignment, and one brass ring
wayzhack4 years ago
Im sure you probably know ths or someone has told you, but this is called an "aperture" and this design is used in camera lenses to control exposure time. Youve made quite a nice one, you should check out some of the other ones here on instructables! :D
Actually, an aperture "is a hole or an opening through which light travels". (Wikipedia) The mechanism in this Instructable is commonly called an iris, and while the same sort of mechanism is often used to control the aperture in cameras, the aperture is the opening in the center, not the mechanism itself.

Comparing to the human eye: the aperture is called the pupil and the mechanism for controlling the aperture is called the iris.

Also, the only time when aperture (sort of) controls exposure time is when your camera is in "aperture priority mode", the mode where the camera will automatically adjust the exposure time (aka shutter speed) based on manual adjustments to the aperture. It isn't generally true that aperture controls exposure time, however. Together exposure time, aperture, and sensor sensitivity ("ISO") determine the exposure value.
Brain explodes from great explanation . Nicely done .
...okay. XD
dombeef (author)  wayzhack4 years ago
Yeah, I based this off that, I saw the other ones, I made this one before those, but they are still cool!
colorex4 years ago
Ok, now make it 4 meters in diameter and in solid titanium and place it in front of your Stargate. (I'm a stargate sg-1 fan)
Surely you're not serious. There's no way you'd be able to get credit/gift cards that were anywhere near big enough for a 4 meter iris. Geez!
Yeah that's why it's made of titanium... They actually made a new iris for the Stargate made of the fictitious element Trinium after a goa'uld weakened the original one with a particle cannon (Lol too much scifi for me :))
Woo! SG-1!
dombeef (author)  Mr. Potato Head4 years ago
Well, have you seen those giant checks that they give at sponserships ? There you go
dombeef (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yeah, that would be awesome though
ChrysN4 years ago
So that's how you make it, nice!
dombeef (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
And where is it featured in? I don't see it in the front page and in science in technology
ynze dombeef4 years ago
It's on the homepage now! Congrats!

dombeef (author)  ynze4 years ago
Wow, thats very cool! This instructable has more views than all my instructables combined!
ynze dombeef4 years ago
Yup, the newsletter is a VERY powerful views-attractor! But hackaday.com does a lot of good for you, also!
It's featured in "category". Not on the front page.
dombeef (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Ok, thanks!
Sure! I had a Question about that.
You also got featured on HackADay
dombeef (author)  frollard4 years ago
Wow, cool!
dreamberry4 years ago
Darylsay verycool!
dombeef (author)  dreamberry4 years ago
So how do you actuate it? Which part spins to open and close the blades? It appears that everything is taped together in your pictures, so how does it operate?
dombeef (author)  scarabdrowner4 years ago
On the first step, the first picture has the hand holding the iris, the white foam core is moveable, twisting it one way opens the iris, the other way closes
nfk114 years ago
thats kinda cool.4*
dombeef (author)  nfk114 years ago
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
dombeef (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
No. Thank you! You have done great things for this website!
dombeef (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Wow, thanks alot!
Sunny1246134 years ago
dombeef (author)  Sunny1246134 years ago