Step 5: Make the container

Picture of Make the container
With the foam core glued on with the design, cut all the pieces out, except for the second "cam wheel"(Cut out the first one)
For the second "cam wheel cut it out like the "brass ring" a circle
Make sure to cut out the inside also, thats what the xacto knife is for.
When you are done cutting it all out, glue on the  "cam wheel" segments to their place on the second cam wheel(it has markings for where they should exactly go(I dont have any pictures of that because i made it a while ago(The second picture should help, you can see the lines)))
Then get a piece of paper and wrap it around the "cam wheel" like shown in the picture and glue it

With a pin poke holes in the "brass ring" where it is marked.(3th picture)(every other hole)
FrozenIce3 years ago
u wrote 3th, its 3rd