How To Make A Paper Timelapse Minecraft Animation

I will be help you out through a series of steps to making a perfect instructable, or close.

You will need:

Minecraft cutout paper
Digital Camera

And a good story.........unlike mine which only 11 sec one.

So lets begin.

Step 1: Minecraft Cutouts

First of all, you will need minecraft cutouts which are available on google images. The ones which I will use in this instructable are here.

Now Using a scissor cut out on the outlines of these.
And of course take the print of these first! 

Sorry about the pic, cause It somehow messed up.

Hey, great job with the movie! Ive done something like this before, but i didn't use pegs to make my guy moveable. Thanks for the great idea!
Pretty cool
Js you glued the creepers legs in the wrong position

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