Step 2: The launcher

Without launch capability, any missile you build is garbage...

So we will begin there.

Brace yourself... this is a long step.

Begin by taking a standard piece of card stock and fold it at 2 inch intervals as shown. Flip it over and repeat.

Mark and cut 2 equal sections at the outer edges, perpendicular to the folds. Flip these over and space them at 1 inch away from the center piece Align the folds so that they are opposite in direction.

Use masking tape to reattach the edge sections to the main.

Refold the sections as shown to create an open sided box with a bellows configuration.

Along the bellows open side, tape the sections down to create a bellows wedge.

Using the wedge as a guide fold another section of card stock to create an outer cover. Roughly cut to size.

Select a piece of office paper and make a small tube that is 8.5 inches long using a pen. Roll tightly and tape the tube closed.

Cut 4 equal slits 1 inch long, in one tube end and fold about half of the tube diameter sections of the cut outward leaving some sections to form the tube.

Cut an equal size hole in the card stock cover about one inch from the folded edge in the center.

Insert the tube through the hole and tape the folded sections to the outside. Fold the remainder sections over on the inside then tape these to  the inside. Make sure to leave the tube unobstructed.

Tape the cover to the bellows then trim. re-tape all seams to create an air tight air chamber that has the tube as the only air inlet and outlet.

<p>you can't shoot forward only can shoot up</p>
I really want to make this! But,I can't understand the pictures! Could you please post video instructions? <br>
I do not have a video of this but If I remake it I will post one
Thank you very much<br>
Nice instructable, but some parts were kinda confusing. Mine turned out LOOKING great. Unfortunately, it didn't work as good as it looks. The missiles I made wouldn't launch. Any tips on making a &quot;perfect&quot; missile?
|Try making the missile tighter fitting to the launch tube. I had the same problem initially.<br><br>Let me know how you make out<br>Sorry for the extreme delay in responding
Since the launch tube moves with the bellows though doesn't it throw off aim? 0_o
It does. if you do not hold it. I only have 2 hands. <br><br>Typically you aim and hold the base of the launch tube with one hand then smack the bellows with the other.
This project looks very interesting to me. I am very likely to try to make quite a few.<br><br>As for paper &quot;missiles&quot; in general, I have found that paper missiles can be mounted on paper airplanes easiest when rectangular with pyramidal tips at their fronts. (I am also experimenting with these cones at the back for drag reduction).
I launch a missile in your general direction....
i like this but i would not give up my onager, trebuchet or ballista for it.<br><br>PS. i have actually made them in 1:3, 1:6 and 1:1 scale models respectively.

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