Here are a few papermodels I have constructed
I didn't design all of these, some are from around the web

those are seriosly awesome you really need to make an instructable on how to make those little people<br />
<p>I totally agree... But it seems nothing happened at all...</p>
I&nbsp;have to say you have a lot of talent&nbsp; doing these paper models!! keep it u p!<br />
all i got to say is talent
I had to laugh wen I saw the guitar. It's cool that you built an acoustic from paper, because I built an electric guitar from cardboard :D I made mine aas accurate as I could, and I like it. I can post pics if you want.
awesome, yeah I would like to see it. Is it modeled after any specific guitar?<br /> I was going to make an electric guitar soon ( i used a lot of cardboard for the acoustic)
I'll make a video for it soon and I will post it on my youtube account, spinafire.<br /> It's a Squier Stratocaster.<br />
alright, im looking forward to it<br /> we should like..start a forum for this kind of stuff
Like on the Ning? or just like a forum where people post pictures?<br />
ya just like..a forum on instructables for posting pics and ideas
I am intrigued. I find this to be highly logical, and it sounds fun.<br />
yep, here is the forum I made on instructables - <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Paper-Models/">Paper Models</a> <br /> with a forum everyone can follow along with each others projects and get some ideas
i want to make the m16 where can i find it ????<br />
<p>you probably will not find one on the web...<br /> I designed the one in the pics myself. It's modeled after an AR-15 though, but that's basically the same thing (it is not finished yet in the pics)</p>
I know you designed these by hand, but i would KILL&nbsp;for some of these. Any way you could turn these into .PDFs and throw me a link?<br />
<p>I didn't document the parts to the guns shown in the slideshow :( so I can't get them to you, I will make sure I keep the parts for the next gun i design.<br /> (right now I'm modifying the AK47 model uploaded <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SM767PXFEK3SZK4/">here</a>)</p>
nice slideshow, real nice collection you have going, Id like to see more about the train and viking figures
Cool, but some of the photos are out of order. i.e. the revolver pics should all be together.<br />

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