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Here are a few papermodels I have constructed
I didn't design all of these, some are from around the web


rockgod57 (author)2010-04-10

those are seriosly awesome you really need to make an instructable on how to make those little people

Elomar Xavier (author)rockgod572016-05-21

I totally agree... But it seems nothing happened at all...

Patented (author)2010-02-18

I have to say you have a lot of talent  doing these paper models!! keep it u p!

shawdow7341 (author)2010-01-31

all i got to say is talent

Kaiven (author)2009-11-10

I had to laugh wen I saw the guitar. It's cool that you built an acoustic from paper, because I built an electric guitar from cardboard :D I made mine aas accurate as I could, and I like it. I can post pics if you want.

aj01-01 (author)Kaiven2009-11-10

awesome, yeah I would like to see it. Is it modeled after any specific guitar?
I was going to make an electric guitar soon ( i used a lot of cardboard for the acoustic)

Kaiven (author)aj01-012009-11-10

I'll make a video for it soon and I will post it on my youtube account, spinafire.
It's a Squier Stratocaster.

aj01-01 (author)Kaiven2009-11-10

alright, im looking forward to it
we should like..start a forum for this kind of stuff

Kaiven (author)aj01-012009-11-11

Like on the Ning? or just like a forum where people post pictures?

aj01-01 (author)Kaiven2009-11-11

ya just like..a forum on instructables for posting pics and ideas

junkfactory886 (author)aj01-012009-11-11

I am intrigued. I find this to be highly logical, and it sounds fun.

aj01-01 (author)junkfactory8862009-11-12

yep, here is the forum I made on instructables - Paper Models
with a forum everyone can follow along with each others projects and get some ideas

ferlando88 (author)2009-11-10

i want to make the m16 where can i find it ????

aj01-01 (author)ferlando882009-11-10

you probably will not find one on the web...
I designed the one in the pics myself. It's modeled after an AR-15 though, but that's basically the same thing (it is not finished yet in the pics)

junkfactory886 (author)aj01-012009-11-11

I know you designed these by hand, but i would KILL for some of these. Any way you could turn these into .PDFs and throw me a link?

aj01-01 (author)junkfactory8862009-11-12

I didn't document the parts to the guns shown in the slideshow :( so I can't get them to you, I will make sure I keep the parts for the next gun i design.
(right now I'm modifying the AK47 model uploaded here)

l8nite (author)2009-11-07

nice slideshow, real nice collection you have going, Id like to see more about the train and viking figures

ItsTheHobbs (author)2009-11-07

Cool, but some of the photos are out of order. i.e. the revolver pics should all be together.

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