Paper Models





Introduction: Paper Models

Here are a few papermodels I have constructed
I didn't design all of these, some are from around the web



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those are seriosly awesome you really need to make an instructable on how to make those little people

I totally agree... But it seems nothing happened at all...

I have to say you have a lot of talent  doing these paper models!! keep it u p!

I had to laugh wen I saw the guitar. It's cool that you built an acoustic from paper, because I built an electric guitar from cardboard :D I made mine aas accurate as I could, and I like it. I can post pics if you want.

awesome, yeah I would like to see it. Is it modeled after any specific guitar?
I was going to make an electric guitar soon ( i used a lot of cardboard for the acoustic)

I'll make a video for it soon and I will post it on my youtube account, spinafire.
It's a Squier Stratocaster.

alright, im looking forward to it
we should like..start a forum for this kind of stuff

Like on the Ning? or just like a forum where people post pictures?

ya just like..a forum on instructables for posting pics and ideas