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Here are a few models I have designed and built. The guns do just about everything but shoot and they a built super strong. (all except the machine gun...its nowhere near finished yet)
The revolver is almost done..I haven't put the trigger on yet.
The guitar is also almost done nd the strings on it are real, I have actually had them on or a while and the guitar sounded pretty good (for paper). In the pictures the bridge is broken off, i'm rebuilding it. The knives work just like the real ones. All the paper guns were designed using diagrams of the real ones. (btw, the tuners on the guitar are not paper)

I will provide parts for the next model I make
Anyone have any ideas on the next gun I should make?

ok everyone I made a slideshow

Step 1:

Picture of
new pics 060.jpg
new pics 067.jpg
new pics 062.jpg
new pics 066.jpg
new pics 063.jpg
knexbug1 year ago


Rambo5562 years ago
great 'ible, but the cylinder in the second pistol is backwards.
vruiz34 years ago
these are cool and they dont even look like paper BUT THEYRE AWSOME!!!!!!
handyjim4 years ago
can u do an instructable for the paper butterfly knife cuz it looks like a real one and its real cool
DeepstBlue24 years ago
The pictures are all well and good, but I thought this was supposed to be about instructions on making things. I would love to know your process on making these items.

They look great.


Here's a site where someone built fully functional paper firearms (they even shoot like the real thing) look up "tacome1942" on YouTube. He's right now working on an AK 74 assault rifle
pivotgodxd5 years ago
You probably get this a lot but please could you do an instructable on the balisong as all other instructables failed and my homemade one doesnt have very good proportions and i didnt know what to do for hinges so i used toothpicks. Lets just say it wasnt the best paper balisong ever and was no where near as good as yours. I included a pic of the failed one for no apparent reason.
I dont think the pics were attached. :P
aj01-01 (author)  pivotgodxd5 years ago
Thats cool, I will have the instructable on the balisong up soon, I just have to scan the parts
(btw, I used toothpicks ;) )

 Toothpicks in paper models, and that knife are WIN :D
It makes me want to be a spy. GENTLEMENTLEMEN.
Ha, thats good, its good to know i'm not the only person that uses toothpicks in my papercrafts :D
cantbesaved5 years ago
Patented5 years ago
I love your butterfly knife ! is it hard to do ? I want to give it a try
aj01-01 (author)  Patented5 years ago
Thanks, it wasn't hard, when I get a chance i'll post an instructable on that for you :)
Yay! would be awesome
afleticwork5 years ago
ok please make a instructable on how to make the revolver
Wow. I've seen a lot of models done out of card or paper but these are something else entrely. I'm trying to figure out how you did the mechanics like the trigger.
aj01-01 (author)  ElusiveGreen5 years ago
ya, its kinda complicated, but basically I design all the parts to be exactly like the real ones. (it turns out more realistic that way)
actualy the only gun in these pics with a trigger is the derringer..but I just installed the trigger on the revolver, here is a video of it (it hasnt been painted yet)
new pics 063.avi(320x240) 493 KB

I guess thats the straight forward way of doing it. If you want to make it like a real gun you make it like a real gun. I suppose I was just wondeirng if you had a different way to simplify the triggers. I've been tryign to find one when I work with wood but I haven't come across a good one yet.

Ever consider making a stiletto style knife? Push button automatic kind compared to the balisong?

aj01-01 (author)  ElusiveGreen5 years ago
simplify the trigger? im not sure what you mean :/ , but yeah I have thought about making a switchblade stiletto..I have one, I just wonder If I could make it work
Kaiven5 years ago
Your revolver is much better than mine :P
When using a 2D picture, models are very hard to make the right widths...
I need a suggestion for my next gun. Still browsing the internet.
Hows about a Mossberg 590? It's a pretty simple design, and i am currently in the planning stage of one.
Just what I need! A pump shotgun would be an awesome addition to my Wall of Guns :D And better yet... it's on my favorite gun website! www.world.guns.ru
Here is the link to the Mossberg 590 http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/sh04-e.htm
You sir, definitely gave me the best suggestion of all time. I will engrave your name into my shotgun.
aj01-01 (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
That is a very nice shotgun, good luck building it. (cowscankill and junkfactory886...we should collaborate sometime)

Kaiven aj01-015 years ago
How would we collaborate?
aj01-01 (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
um..hmm..I actually have no idea..I have seen a few on instructables, don't know how to though
Kaiven aj01-015 years ago
Well, I mean like... how would we build the same gun? Haha, it would be easier if we could visit each other for that kind of project...
aj01-01 (author)  Kaiven5 years ago

yeah, idk...good point lol..

Kaiven aj01-015 years ago
Suggestion! How about we form a group instead of just having a forum? The forum can be added to the group, as well as GOOD paper instructables/videos/slideshows. No stupid paper gun stuff... I hate that no one puts effort in making a quality model.
aj01-01 (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
thats a good idea, how do u make a group? (I know right, you took the words right out of my mouth lol)
Kaiven aj01-015 years ago
I'll make a group and get back to you on that... I forgot exactly how.
aj01-01 (author)  aj01-015 years ago
oh yeah, if either of you build it, you should post pics as you go on this forum.
I plan on it. Say, why don't we each build it,and see who did the best job?
Good suggestion! I will when I finish this P90 heheh...
aj01-01 (author)  junkfactory8865 years ago
That sounds like fun, but I'm already working on something...
that is an awesome gun though..I might make it after the ak47
mrdepo965 years ago
 wow! don't take them into a bank anytime soon...
aj01-01 (author)  mrdepo965 years ago
ha ya..they don't go anywhere..
Chromatica5 years ago
The last one especially
aj01-01 (author)  Chromatica5 years ago
Thanks, Im going to finish that one soon