Cardboard Musical Box





Introduction: Cardboard Musical Box

You build a musical box with anything, my app plays the notes while you rotate it.



Step 1: Build You Box

This part is very flexible. Whatever how your box looks like. If the paper is visible and vertically movable you are good.

- a cardboard for the box
- an empty jar of peanut butter for the rotative cylinder
- a little wood stick for the axis of the cylinder
- an ice cream stick to manually rotate the cylinder
- a piece of paper to write the notes on

other example:
- toilet paper

Step 2: Download My Application

You need a mac OSX 10.6+ and a webcam.
- Download the application here, unzip it, run it.
- Position your musical box in front of your computer, the opened side in front of the webcam.
- Drag the 2 circles on the right and left borders of your music sheet.
- play the musical box - keep its base still or the notes will be wrong.

send midi: if activated, the app won't play any note but will send midi with the source name "MusicalBox". Use a virtual instrument to get the midi notes and play them.

octave: translate notes to an octave

instrument: select an instrument sound

scale: select a scale (minor, major, etc.)

Step 3: Play It!

And share your suggestions.



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    Just found this and love the simple DIY approach. I want to do this with my students. The link to the app didn't work for me. Do you have an updated link? Thanks.


    Haven't had chance to try this yet, but I would think it would be great to convert this to an ios app to make the music box more portable.