Paper Nerf Gun





Introduction: Paper Nerf Gun

About: There is no limit to your imagination. Your imagination is endless. -unknown

Here, you will learn to make a Nerf Vigilon gun! Read steps "CAREFULLY"! Remember, there is no limit to your imagination. Or, Your imagination is ENDLESS! by Flexile TOO!

Step 1: Gather Materials

•You need paper(as many as it takes you) •You need paper and/or markers(any is fine) •You need scissors •You need tape(any is fine, I prefer invisible tape)

Step 2: Make These Shapes

Make these shapes and label them so you know which one's which! MAKE SURE YOU LABEL ON THE BACK!!!!! NOT ON THE FRONT LIKE I DID, I MESSED UP!

Step 3: Textures

Now we put the textures, I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE LABEL PART IN THE LAST STEP, MAKE SURE YOU READ THAT PART AGAIN!!!! Ok, so we make the textures like so.. In this step, you get to use your crayons/markers!

Step 4: Assembly

Time to use the tape! Assemble as so..

Step 5: Finished :)

You are finished! Remember, there is no limit to your imagination. Or, you imagination is endless! See you next time! Comment me what other stuff I should make!



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    omg you should make it work

    The human mind is not endless, we are limited to what God has given us. Therefore we use the mind we are given.

    If the human mind is infinite (or as you may say ENDLESS) try to think of a new colour



    Duuuuude u should totally make a paper roblox world!!! 2d